News & Activities 1 March 2021

‘Bluebik Group’ gets marketing guru ‘Saroj Laohasiri’ To form a strong Marketing Transformation team to complete transformation services

Bluebik Group Company Limited, a leading consultancy on innovations and technologies for strategies and management, has introduced well-known marketing expert “Saroj Laohasiri” as its Head of Marketing Transformation and Marketing Strategy. He will reinforce its services that will help customers plan the marketing strategies which will ensure the tangible growth of revenue. Such strategies will enable marketing which is considered as the spearhead of organizations to efficiently drive business in the era of digital disruption. This can happen through Marketing Transformation with all available technologies and Marketing Strategy that increases all marketing capabilities.

Saroj Laohasiri as Head of Marketing Transformation and Marketing Strategy

With the arrival of Mr. Saroj, Bluebik that has more than 130 highly experienced staffers with expertise in digital transformation will be able to deliver and expand organizational transformation services in a more comprehensive manner. Its Marketing Transformation will cover planning, analyses and the practical application of technologies to seamlessly combine online and offline marketing management.

“The strength of Bluebik is the digital transformation that is driven by the left side of the brain which focuses on strategies and analyses. From now on, I will be the right side of the brain that will make the transformation more complete by advising on marketing strategies. This will consist of 4 cores namely Marketing Transformation, New Era Branding, Seamless Communication and Marketing 5.0. They will help customers run their business in the digital era with confidence like they are doing it together with a Trusted Partner,” Mr. Saroj said.

B.Saroj has gained his marketing experiences for longer than 12 years. Before joining Bluebik, he was the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Rabbit Digital Group, the digital agency that was among the “Top 10 Hottest Agencies in Thailand in 2020” announced by Campaign Brief Asia. He was also assigned to handle world-renowned brands under the umbrellas of Unilever and Diageo. He won marketing awards from leading organizations including the ADMAN Award of the Advertising Association of Thailand and obtained internationally recognized awards like Spike Asia, Adfest Awards and Young Achiever Gold Awards 2016 from the Digital Advertising Association (Thailand) or DAAT. He is recognized as an influencer on marketing.

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