News & Activities 3 April 2023

Bluebik-THE STANDARD joint venture arms businesses with digital skills

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), a consultancy on end-to-end digital transformation, and THE STANDARD Company Limited, a leading online media organization and the producer of THE SECRET SAUCE podcast program exploring successful business and leadership, have founded a corporate training joint venture, Sauce Skills Company Limited, to share skills, knowledge and understanding about digital development, business and organizational leadership for New S-Curve growth and unlocked operational potential in new business contexts. The joint venture targets large-scale organizations with confidence because of the digital transformation expertise of Bluebik and the content and storytelling excellence of THE STANDARD. The combined strengths of the partners will expand the competitiveness of clients and they will be ready to deal with any crises and enjoy stable growth for good.

Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), said that the maintenance of competitiveness and the expansion of business amid economic changes and fluctuations are the serious challenges that businesses are facing and must tackle this year. This is the reason why worldwide organizations have come up with their best-laid plans to become “Digital-First Company”. They want to be flexible and boost the efficiency of their operations and personnel so that they can solve problems and stabilize their business. A factor behind successful transformation into “Digital-First Company” is the proper knowledge of executives and staff on business, innovations and technologies.

“The combination of Bluebik’s considerable knowledge and experience related to businesswise digital transformation and THE STANDARD’s business and storytelling expertise will offer necessary and practical knowledge and skills to business organizations. The fiercer competition and the greater complexity there are in the business ecosystem and especially in its digital landscape, the more important it is to develop proper knowledge and understanding. Under this circumstance, Bluebik sees opportunities for expanding its business to corporate training to develop the long-term strengths of clients and make its digital transformation services more comprehensive,” Mr. Pochara said.

Courses focus on necessary and practical skills for present and future utilization. Apart from intensive courses, trainees will also learn from the case studies of leading companies in Thailand which they can apply in the real world. The content of the courses covers three important skills for business as follows.

  1. Digital skills – They are useful for the large-scale organizations that need digital reskilling and upskilling in all dimensions to keep abreast of business development in the digital era. The digital skills include skills in data and analytics, product management, cybersecurity and agile operations.
  2. Business skills – These are parts of courses on business and marketing strategies.
  3. Leadership – The development of organizational leadership is in courses to produce business leaders in the digital era.

Nakarin Wanakijpaibul, Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief of THE STANDARD, said both companies have been organizing corporate training sessions and workshops together to develop the skills of business organizations. With the experiences, the joint venture guarantees maximum benefits for clients. It has developed intensive and up-to-date courses from business experience and face-to-face conversations with many executives at the national level. The joint venture understands obstacles and challenges and sees the necessary skills of leaders in the 21st century.

“Most business organizations are well aware that in the digital era they must pay special attention to innovations and technologies to be able to create New S-Curve growth. Also they must develop the skills of their personnel regularly to always stay abreast of the continually changing world of business. One challenge is that many organizations may still have no ideas on what they should do. So, THE STANDARD and Bluebik agree that we should help develop the knowledge for Thai business organizations. We have designed the courses that meet demand and address the pain points of businesses at all levels. The courses are relevant to changes in the behaviors of customers and competitors and to new business trends. Organizations will clearly see opportunities, risks and business directions in the future,” Mr. Nakarin said.