Blogs 13 December 2023

Upskill Tips For Shifting Your Career Into Business Analysis & System Analysis The Bluebik Way

🎓💻Have you graduated from a different discipline? Are you working in a different role and industry? Rest assured, it’s possible to make a career shift to become a Business Analyst (BA) or a System Analyst (SA). 

Since both roles require a mix of hard and soft skills, it doesn’t matter which faculty you graduated from or the role you’re currently working in; you can become a BA or SA by upskilling yourself.

Discover the tips from individuals at Bluebik who have successfully made the shift. What did they do to upskill themselves? Let’s find out!

1.) Put two and two together and communicate effectively like “Gam Napokchat” 

Business Strategist ▶️ Business Analyst

“I studied Aviation Technology Management and worked as a Management Trainee and Business Strategist for a while. However, I became interested in technology, so I shifted into business analysis

“I needed to upskill in putting two and two together. Initially, I had knowledge about business, so I acquired more technological knowledge. I also practiced analyzing how I could use technology to solve business problems. Another skill I needed to sharpen was communication skills. As the bridge between business and technical aspects, it’s essential to explain seemingly complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand for both parties.”

2.) Know everything from start to finish and build on your transferable skills like “Tan Watcharaphan”

Back-End Developer ▶️ System Analyst

“When I worked as a Back-End Developer, I only needed to understand what I coded. However, after transitioning to a System Analyst role, I found myself needing to comprehend the entire process from start to finish. For instance, previously, I only knew what this API could do, but now I must understand the data it pulls and the calculations it performs beforehand. To illustrate, it’s like before, I only knew the number 8, but now I need to be familiar with numbers 1 through 10.

“In addition, I can leverage my transferable skills. Having been a Back-End Developer, I am familiar with some programming languages. As a System Analyst, when I need to analyze the old system, I can read the code and understand its functionality.”

If you’re ready to upskill yourself to become a Business Analyst or System Analyst, see more details here: https://bit.ly/3uLCj6H See you soon!