Blogs 18 December 2023

Diving Into the System Analyst Role With “Nui Sararat,” A Biz<>Tech Interpreter & Tech Whiz

🤔What does a System Analyst need to know?

If you have this question in mind, you’ll find the answer in the story of “Nui Sararat,” Associate Director, System Analysis. Let’s learn how she transitioned from a Developer to a System Analyst and explore what a day in the life of a System Analyst looks like.

🌏Acquire Business Knowledge and Practice Communication Skills

“To transition from a Developer to a System Analyst, I acquired more business knowledge, especially understanding clients’ industries and business terms. I explain the technical aspects to clients in a way that is easy to understand. I also sharpened my communication skills.”

❓Ask the Right Questions to Kick Off the Process 

“One of the most essential communication skills is asking the right questions. I usually immerse myself in available information and compile a list of questions to ensure I understand what the clients need. These questions shouldn’t be overly technical. If any questions appear too complex or specific, I provide examples to ensure clarity and alignment with the clients.

🧑‍💻A Day in the Life of a System Analyst

“Each day is different, but typically, I start with a meeting with the project team. Some days, I also engage in meetings with clients, analyzing their requirements to design technical specifications. Before proceeding, I assess potential solutions to determine if infrastructure is involved. If it is, I collaborate with relevant teams, including Solution Architects, Back-End Developers, and Front-End Developers. It’s crucial to discuss details and exchange ideas before documenting the technical specifications.”

💙Improve Yourself to Keep Up with the Challenges 

“System Analysts work with clients from various industries, and each client’s challenge is unique. The challenge lies in how we can design the system to meet their expectations. It demands a profound understanding of the client’s business, coupled with our technical knowledge and experience, to bridge the business gap for our clients.

“Personally, I strive to stay up-to-date with ever-evolving technology. The key is to understand the technology well enough to apply it correctly and fittingly. I regularly read technology blogs in English and enroll in courses, both online and offline. Additionally, I actively exchange ideas with fellow IT professionals to build on my understanding and skills.”

If anyone’s interested to become a System Analyst and work with Nui at Bluebik, see more details here: https://bit.ly/47GmGMw and apply right away!