Blogs 26 December 2023

Always Know What To Say! 3 Tips for Job Interviews For Business Analysts & System Analysts At Bluebik

🙋🏻‍♀️Do I have to prepare a portfolio?

🙋🏻‍♂️What questions might I be asked?

Are you preparing for an interview as a Business Analyst (BA) or System Analyst (SA) with these questions in mind?

Stop worrying now because today we have 3 tips from “Gam Napokchat,” a Business Analyst, and “Tan Watcharaphan,” for you.

By applying these tips, your confidence will surely reach 100%!

1️⃣Explain yourself clearly

According to Gam, “You should explain yourself clearly even on your CV. Outline who you are, detail the projects you’ve undertaken, and highlight the results. It’s crucial that when a recruiter skims your CV, they can understand you immediately. This principle extends to the interview session too; when the interviewer asks you anything, respond with confidence.”

2️⃣Mention any useful skills

T​an used himself as an example here. Although certain skills might seem ordinary, if they could be useful for the role, don’t forget to mention them. “I’m quite skillful in English, and I also get along well with other people, which is a valuable skill for a System Analyst because you have to collaborate with multiple stakeholders.”

Furthermore, any transferable skills are worth noting. “Having worked as a Back-End Developer, I possess many skills that I can leverage as a System Analyst. For instance, my SQL skills, which I still utilize to this day.”

3️⃣No need to perfect the test, just ensure you explain your logic

Spoiler alert: during the recruitment process, you’ll likely be tasked with a test. Here’s a tip from Gam.

“The test question is open-ended, allowing you the freedom to think and analyze it in any way you see fit. That’s why the most crucial aspect is to articulate your own logic. For instance, why did you choose a particular solution when there are numerous possibilities? Moreover, if the interviewer asks you additional questions, such as how you would gather requirements from clients, you must be capable of providing a thoughtful response.”

Lastly, see more details on open positions here: http://bit.ly/3uLCj6H. Good luck!