Case Studies 28 September 2021

The New Era of Battery

Client industry : The global leading innovative and sustainable power company

Bluebik role : Formulate the go-to-market’s marketing strategy for the company’s new products supporting its future business operations and Thailand’s new S-curve industries.

Situation : Pioneering the Lithium-ion battery market in Thailand was challenging for our customer. Bluebik therefore had the opportunity to join force in ideating and planning go-to-market’s marketing strategy for its Lithium-ion battery according to the policy towards shaping the New S-Curve with the electrical innovation business, by focusing on creating a unique selling point and wining strategic market position, as well as determine and prioritizing the target markets with its appropriate entry time.

Solution : We spent approximately 3 months studying the trends and the future growth prospects of the Lithium-ion battery market, as well as analyzing domestic and international market readiness to identify the strategic opportunities for the company. Both primary and secondary studies were conducted to gain an understanding and insights of all potential markets with promising demand for Lithium-ion batteries to specify the market attractiveness, a competitive position among other players in the market, and strategic values that are key decision criteria whether it is a matter of product customization, superior aftersales service, affordable price range, and production and delivery time. Moreover, Bluebik developed a plenary market communication plan to triumphantly enter the market as a battery innovation leader who support the country’s future growth of various businesses.

Result : The client is able to offer the right products and sales components tailored to each specific market needs, as well as successfully establish a strong position as a leader in the market