Case Studies 28 September 2021

The Development of Whimsical and Lighthearted Features for Financial Well-being Platform

Client industry : Leading financial institution in Thailand

Bluebik role : UX/UI design and HTML coding on online platforms to attract and engage with customers

Situation : In order not to fall behind the online financial world, many financial institutions currently have turned to established applications or websites to increase the chances of reaching and connecting with customers that can be used on multiple devices (Responsive Website). Also, they may use the information from the registration for further benefits because data is one of the valuable resources for the digital economy. Therefore, this customer decided to let Bluebik assist on the UX/UI design and HTML coding on its own new engaging platform. The core focus is on Financial Personality Test and Goal Setting features to make customers financially healthy while having a good user experience.

Solution : Bluebik spent 7 months developing the Financial Personality Test and Goal Setting features, which would help the customers knowing their financial health and identity better. Besides, it is also a tool that provides advice on saving and investing in the most suitable form for each financial identity, creates discipline in saving that will allow customers to reach their goals faster, and be able to connect to social media channels to create a fun moment, which can be shared with those inner circles.

Result : The project result is that the client gets an engaging platform to connect and interact with their customers. Not just delivering the route to have better financial health and to achieve financial goal, the platform itself can also deliver enjoyment with a smooth user experience. There would be no interruption, no matter what electronic device the user uses.