Insights 25 June 2021

“AI Transformation” Unlock Potential to Become Data-Driven Organizations

Business organizations should conduct “AI Transformation” to apply artificial intelligence for the in-depth and real-time analyses of digital information which are superior to “Gut Feeling” when businesses want prudent decisions and more accurate predictions to gain competitive advantage. The transformation requires action in 5 areas: 1) the AI Strategy that is relevant to business strategies, 2) the AI Use Case in which AI is the core of operations, 3) the development of AI Infrastructure, 4) AI Operations and 5) the development of AI Culture. Bluebik offers services to help organizations prepare for AI Transformation which will turn them into data-driven organizations.

Many businesses have valued digital transformation which covers the installation of systems and infrastructures to support digital business and new business models to create new sources of income and increase value for customers in terms of functions and emotions. However, this cannot bring advantage in the future when all organizations will have been completely transformed. Therefore, the businesses that want to be leaders in their industries must from now on establish their superiority by applying artificial intelligence (AI Transformation) that is better than humans when it comes to analyses and decisions to improve digital operations. This concerns the management of data which covers data collection, data cleansing and data digitization. It improves the automation of business organizations which will not need their human resources to make every response or order especially for the processes that have fixed or specific patterns or clear steps and factors.

Business competition is growing as consumers change their behaviors and their demand is more diverse and complicated. The businesses that apply artificial intelligence to improve their operations profoundly understand consumers and can design strategies and make decisions in a highly precise manner while being able to save budgets. For example, they know which groups of customers will give them the best chance to close sales and which customer their staff should serve first when customers with different characteristics express their interest in a product at the same time. This means competitive advantage in every stage of operations. Besides, AI can predict the results of different operations, present only useful information to relevant departments and thus save time for operations or new projects.

To become the data-driven organizations which use data to drive business and design their structures to support the integration and management of big data, organizations must quickly use AI to analyze their data. AI Transformation will increase precision and cut duplication in business operations.

The transformation requires action in these 5 areas.

1. Clearly plot AI Strategy and relate it to Business Strategy

This will tell where a business should use AI in its operations to achieve the best result and gain competitive advantage in the long run.

2. Design AI Use Case in which AI is the core of operations

Organizations will consider their business models, the sources of their income and their operating costs and find out if data from operational stages are in digital forms and can be analyzed by AI. This is feasibility assessment for the AI Use Case that can effectively remove limitation to operations and lead to the new possibilities of income generation.

3. Develop AI Infrastructure for the collection and analyses of data that serve objectives

It will help guarantee the efficient management and development of AI in the future and the flexible addition and expansion of systems in the long run.

4. Pave the way for AI Operations by laying down clear policies on AI Transformation within organizations and recruiting specialists to handle it so that operations can truly use AI

This includes the introduction of etiquette and guidelines for AI use based on good governance (Data Governance) and coordination between AI and data specialists for the highest efficiency (MLOps).

5. Create AI Culture so that staff realize that data science and AI are vital to precise work and efficiency

Therefore, all departments should receive support for their use of AI-presented information in their operations and business decisions. Meanwhile, employees should be encouraged to start reskilling and upskilling so that they can shape policies on and control the functions of AI.

AI Transformation is complicated and requires specialists to maximize effectiveness.

Bluebik has the following services to help prepare organizations for their successful AI Transformation.

1. Strategic Planning – AI will be applied according to clients’ business strategies which will be studied thoroughly to explore the possibilities of using AI to help clients create new sources of income.

2. Strategic Implementation – AI Transformation plans will be implemented with strategies until they succeed. Data Infrastructure will be improved so that it can store data systematically for convenient use. Data Analytics Models will be created to show how data can bring advantage to organizations in the future.

3. Strategic Support – AI Transformation plans will be developed and improved to enable organizations with clear strategies to achieve their goals. This service includes the oversight of plan implementation to guarantee its success.

Data analyses based on AI make organizations truly understand customers’ demand and see new business opportunities including those related to customers’ potential interest in particular products and services in the future. Bluebik helps organizations implement their AI Transformation plans for their front and back offices. We find that many organizations have raised their income by 10-50%, significantly cut their operating costs and showed great return on investment (ROI)

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