Another indispensable team of the digital transformation consultancy Bluebik is the “Management Consulting” team. It is in the vanguard of formulating business strategies for many large-scale clients and creating action plans for their transformation which guarantees the sustainable growth of their business and profit in the digital era.

Today Bluebik would like to introduce “Jab – Warot”, its Head of Management Consulting. He will elaborate on the methodology, interesting work and potential development of the team which is turning Bluebik into a world-class consultancy.

Getting to know “Jab”, Head of Management Consulting

Jab – Warot, Head of Management Consulting, received his master’s degree in engineering business management from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and another master’s in industrial management engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. He spent his childhood in a family that had its own business and is thus interested in management experience. He has been with Bluebik for four years.

Jab is another capable person and also a columnist of The Standard. He has many articles published including those about asset tokenization, the unlimited world of future investment and difficulty in transforming non-performing loans into merchandise e.g. Asset Tokenization ทลายขีดจำกัดโลกการลงทุนแห่งอนาคต and เมื่อการเปลี่ยนหนี้เสียเป็นของขาย ไม่ได้ง่ายอีกต่อไป

The strengths of Bluebik’s Management Consulting team

The Management Consulting team of Bluebik formulates business strategies for large-scale organizations, most of which are in the SET100 Index or outstanding organizations in their respective industries. They include PTT Oil and Retail Business PCL. (OR), Thailand’s leading insurance brokerage TQM and Food Passion, a key player in the local restaurant business better known with its familiar brands such as Bar B Q Plaza.

The strategy formulation strengths of Bluebik are its capabilities to offer advice, deliver practical action plans and increase the value of organizations at impressive degrees. The end-to-end services of Bluebik are based on its three strong points.

  • Bluebik provides tailor-made advice resulting from its analysis of business competition contexts, methodologies and executives’ demand and the advice is developed into the strategies that suit individual organizations.
  • Bluebik emphasizes practicality in particular because strong and interesting strategies may not be enough to fuel growth in the digital era.
  • Bluebik can offer end-to-end services due to the collaboration and expertise of its teams. For example, the Digital Excellence & Delivery team and the Big Data & Advanced Analytics team are ready to recommend the efficient application of technologies while the Strategic PMO team can implement projects as planned within their budget. Obviously Bluebik has the relevant experts who can design end-to-end digital transformation strategies.

Bluebik’s services result from the combination of expertise and practicality and thus it can change the growth expectation of organizations from “ambition to reality”.

“People” make Bluebik stand out among other consultancies

The unparalleled end-to-end services and strategic expertise of Bluebik result from its most important resource, “people”. 

  • Bluebik gathers experts of various fields. They create efficiency and truly know the strategies that organizations need. Bluebik’s executives came from world-class consultancies including BCG, Accenture and PwC and its chairman Thana “Jo” Thienachariya is the top executive who really understand executives’ viewpoints.
  • Quality personnel bring Bluebik’s services up to international standards. They clearly understand the contexts of Thai and regional business operations. Besides, they are learning from Bluebik CEO Pochara “Boat” Arayakarnkul. Bluebik’s people never stop developing. They are not satisfied with being good enough but are determined to be the best for all clients.
  • Unlike others, Bluebik is driven by the people of the new generation who think outside the box, see new and different opportunities and apply technologies to achieve exponential growth in the era when target groups of clients and consumers’ behaviors change rapidly.

Successful strategy formulation for clients does not mean project completion but project continuation

To Jab, success in project implementation is not the completion of projects. It means opportunities for Bluebik to develop good ties with clients and initiate new projects in the future including joint venture projects. Orbit Digital Co., Ltd. is such a joint venture project in which Bluebik holds a 60% shareholding and PTT Oil and Retail Business PCL. (OR) has a 40% stake. This joint venture is the pride of all the Bluebik people who contributed to previous projects, gained credibility from past project implementation and impressively won the joint venture deal. The implementation of many other projects prompts clients to spread the word and the confidence in Bluebik attracts more and more corporate clients.

The future of the Management Consulting team

With its growing reputation and organization, Bluebik is receiving contact from large-scale clients. So, it is offering great opportunities to the people who want to work with large-scale clients, take up challenging tasks and are able to increase the value of the organization. They will be very likely to advance their careers as executives. Bluebik can promote you continuously in your favorite field of work.

Bluebik value people highly. So, it always develops the skills of all staff. As the supervisor of the team, Jab assigns staff members with various skills and experiences to handle each project so that they will exchange their knowledge. Therefore, during the implementation of each project, everyone will always develop new skills. Besides, Bluebik organizes training courses and invites outside experts of different industries to share their knowledge and experiences. The company conducts internal training and have senior staff transfer their expertise to younger colleagues who can thus progress in their careers.

Regarding its organizational culture, Bluebik consists of the people of the new generation who are open-minded and willing to help each other. Therefore, Bluebik is a good workplace for those who are looking for challenging jobs, opportunities to learn endlessly, a decent society and good colleagues.

The checklist of 3 (+0.5) points that can tell if you are the favorites of the Management Consulting team.

Is it you who…

✅ People skills
✅ Logical thinking & Analytical skills
✅ Process management
✅ (50%) IT technical knowledge/experience

  • People skills are very important to the consulting of Bluebik because we often meet high-level clients including CEOs and supervisors. Good images and human relations with clients can significantly build credibility. Skills in relationship management helps promote teamwork and inclusive career development.
  • Logical thinking & analytical skills are prerequisite for consultants because they must analyze situations, carry out overall assessments and make predictions. Consultants must have skills in research and work considerably with numbers. If you have analytical skills and are able to elaborate on causes and effects, you will be among our potential recruits.
  • Process management is valued at Bluebik. All staff members are allowed to work anywhere and anytime. If you simply have result-oriented skills, you will enjoy complete freedom in designing your schedules.
  • IT technical knowledge/experience (50%) is a plus. Those who possess it can start their work faster. Bluebik is a digital transformation consultancy, so knowledge on digital systems and the development of back-office systems can facilitate the work. However, those who do not graduate in IT can also apply because the knowledge can be developed. You will be welcomed if you are ready to learn from us.

Why should you join Bluebik’s Management Consulting team?

  • Bluebik is thriving in the tide of digital transformation which will not ebb away in the near future. Everyone must always adapt and look for new opportunities. Work at Bluebik fulfills the need because it means new knowledge, continuous challenges and varied responsibilities.
  • Bluebik is growing steadily, so all staff members have high chances of career advancement compared with people of other organizations. At Bluebik, career paths are clear and young staff members can be promoted to the management level. Besides, Bluebik allows its people to grow in the different career paths that interest them.
  • Bluebik’s people learn more than strategy formulation. Its full-loop services which cover planning and implementation open up opportunities for staff to experience comprehensive consulting and learn all aspects of the business that is transformed.
  • Regarding Bluebik’s culture, all colleagues have empathy for one another. We do not teach our people to work hard but to work smart to create good performances and a pleasant working environment.

Anyone who are interested in joining Bluebik and growing with the Management Consulting team can read details at bluebik.com/career or send messages to the Facebook account of Bluebik Group.