Insights 23 August 2022

What to do when SAP Fiori Client disappears from public app stores of Apple and Google?

The organizations that use SAP are supposed to be familiar with SAP Fiori Client which was the important mobile application that SAP developed and released for users to download conveniently since 2013.

After SAP Fiori Client was available publicly for about a decade, SAP SE, the leading multinational company that developed the world’s best ERP, however removed it from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store on June 30, 2022. The company officially informed users of the removal on OSS Note 2992772 on March 31, 2022.

The big question – What should SAP users do?

SAP Fiori Client is no longer available on the public app stores. Can SAP be used on mobile devices now? Bluebik has answers.

1. Use via web browsers

SAP recommends SAP Fiori Client be used on mobile devices via web browsers such as Safari and Chrome. However, this solution is very problematic for users because on web browsers there are no push notifications.

2. Requests for direct SAP Fiori Client downloads

Although SAP removed SAP Fiori Client from the public stores, the company still makes this app available for the organizations that need it. Such organizations must send their app download requests which include their organization ID, organization Name and S-User account to SAP Support.

This solution requires a complicated process to install the app on the devices of users, unlike previous direct downloads from the public stores. For the installation, Android device users must have the Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions (EMM) system. Those who use Apple devices must install the app via Apple Business Manager. Users can have the app installed via Apple Business Manager or use the Redemption Code to download the app from Apple.

3. Self-development of SAP Fiori Client

For the organizations that still need SAP Fiori Client and want new features in addition to its standard features, SAP said that they could develop SAP Fiori Client to serve their demand by using SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.2. However, the organizations must bear the costs of the developers who are capable of developing SAP Fiori Client and have basic knowledge about SAP, the Signing Certificate costs that must be paid to Apple or Google and the long-term costs of regular app updates to be compatible with the changes of iOS and Android.

4. LISMA – the mobile solution developed particularly for SAP

LISMA is the best solution when it comes to costs and SAP functions on mobile devices. LISMA is the mobile solution developed by SAP experts at Bluebik Group Public Company Limited. It has proved to effectively meet the demand of the leading organizations that have used it.

LISMA stands for LINE as SAP Mobile Application. Bluebik developed it so that LINE which is everyone’s everyday application can be used to operate SAP efficiently in place of SAP Fiori Client. LISMA users can operate SAP effortlessly through the LINE app that is already on their mobile phones without any difficulty in application installation and any burden of long-term app maintenance and development because LINE is a free app and its developer regularly maintains and develops it.

SAP’s decision to remove SAP Fiori Client from public app stores prompts the organizations that use SAP to adapt and look for the above-mentioned solutions to maintain their smooth and agile use of SAP. A consultancy with great knowledge about SAP and clear understanding of various business requirements can recommend the best solution related to costs and effectiveness for the good of individual users.

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