Insights 15 September 2022

HumanOS, a boon to business

Personnel management is crucial to all business organizations from a small company with less than 10 employees to a large-scale one with a workforce of more than 1,000. Technology frees human resources departments from routine work and they can contribute more to their organizations. Besides, digital information reduces errors from paperwork and gives real-time access to data users.

HumanOS is a product developed by IT-CAT, which was a Thai company. It was incorporated into Bluebik Group Public Company Limited in early 2022. IT-CAT had more than 10 years of experiences in HR system development. It created an Employee Self-Service platform that allows employees to clock in, clock off, file leave requests, calculate salaries, evaluate performances and read notices of their companies via the application installed on their smartphones. HumanOS has many more outstanding features to serve businesses as follows.

1.      Precise reports on employees’ status

Employees can clock in and clock out by themselves via GPS-equipped smartphones. They can do so if they are near their companies. Besides the supplementary application of beacon technology will make the location of employees more precise than the sole use of GPS. It can also be connected to face recognition devices and fingerprint scanners.

2.      All transactions possible via smartphones

Apart from recording attendances, absences, leaves and late arrival in a self-service manner, HumanOS also allows users to check leave days and file overtime requests and claims including those for travel and fuel via smartphones.

Supervisors can approve requests and check employees’ statistics although they are not in their office. Besides, they can make additional assignments. These can also be done on smartphones.

3.      Eased accounting workloads

The time-consuming work of HR departments concerns financial affairs. HumanOS requires organizations to complete configuration just once and then its system can carry out functions automatically including salary checks and approval, salary slip delivery, letters to governmental organizations and overtime payment. It also supports configuration changes including increase or decrease in social security contribution.

Employees can download accounting documents such as salary slips, withholding tax records and performance evaluation reports based on key performance indicators (KPI).

4.      Easy data checks and management

The HumanOS system allows HR departments to see the overall performances of employees and data concerning employees including clocking in and out, leaves, minutes of late arrival for work and spent and remaining leave days. HR departments can download files of employees’ records of specified periods. HumanOS can also create notices and send them to specific groups of employees or individual employees and can check how many employees out of a total workforce have read notices.

A Thai company that perfectly serves Thais

Apart from end-to-end functions, HumanOS has many more features including Thai and English menus, user-friendliness, the support teams that understand the needs of HR departments and are ready to be of help and regularly issued new features based on clients’ demand such as records of employees’ COVID-19 vaccination and infection.

For security, HumanOS has the cloud storage of employees’ data which meets ISO standards, complies with the Personal Data Protection Act. It can also be installed on on-premise servers.

Interested people (not more than 10 persons) can try HumanOS free of charge. Please call 082 221 5464, contact the LINE ID @humanos.biz or register for the trial at https://backend.humanos.biz/RegisterUI.aspx. For more information, please visit https://humanos.biz/.