Insights 28 September 2022

What is HR solution? Why are organizations using it?

The organizations that head for digital transformation are interested in the instruments that can assist in their management and one of the instruments that today’s organizations need is HR solution. It is Software as a Service (SaaS) and the Employee Self-Service kind of human resources management. With the instrument, employees can do self-services instead of seeking them from their HR department. HR solution also handles routine work such as payroll for HR departments and provides the latter with real-time access to employees’ data.

The worldwide markets of HR solutions are estimated at US$15.8 billion this year and next year the value will soar to US$25.9 billion. The biggest market is North America, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. SMEs substantially form half of all the clients in the markets. This indicates that SMEs have an urgent need for digital transformation.

HR solutions are also growing in Thailand. According to IT-CAT Company Limited that developed the HumanOS platform, more than 700 companies which employed over 10,000 people altogether used HR solutions during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand is rising as 100-300 companies are trying HR solutions every month. Today about 40,000-50,000 employees are using the cloud-based HumanOS platform of IT-CAT.

The growth in Thailand happens because HR departments are increasingly using HR solutions to handle their routine work and the executives who want to transform their organizations are looking for solutions to improve their operations.

The growth will continue for at least five years from now because hundreds of thousands of companies have yet to apply HR solutions. They include startups that want solutions to downsize their workforce.

How can HR solutions lighten workloads?

HR solutions can considerably ease HR workloads including three types of them which are attendance reports, human resources information systems (HRIS) and payroll.

For employees’ attendances, HR solutions use GPS to accurately locate employees. The location will be increasingly precise when GPS is applied with beacons.

For HRIS, HR solutions process leave requests, assignments, claims, work schedules, overtime requests and requests for certificates. As HR solutions provide employee self-services, paperwork is replaced with the online services that employees can use via their smartphones. Executives can approve requests right on their smartphones as well. Besides, HR departments can check information in real time.

For payroll, HR solutions can automatically calculate salaries and overtime and make deductions for absences, leaves, late arrival for work, taxes, contributions to social security and provident funds and other payments. HR solutions can also prepare and send information to the Revenue Department, the Social Security Office and banks that will then arrange for net salary transfers to employees. Meanwhile, employees can see their digital salary slips and withholding tax records via smartphones and also download such documents.

For the organizations that are transforming themselves, HR solutions help them cut costs, time for routine work and errors. Besides, HR departments will have more time for personnel development and employees can be reskilled and upskilled and thus better support the business of their organizations in the future.

Interested people (not more than 10 persons) can try HumanOS free of charge. Please call 082 221 5464, contact the LINE ID @humanos.biz or register for the trial at https://backend.humanos.biz/RegisterUI.aspx. For more information, please visit https://humanos.biz/.