Insights 11 October 2022

HR Solution – A Win-Win Tool for Organizational Transformation

Repetitive work was once a major issue of human resources departments. It included reports on clock-in, clock-out and overtime of employees for the calculation of their remuneration. When workforces grew, the recurring tasks were more time-consuming.

As people are more familiar with the digital world, have smartphones and high-speed internet and have worked from anywhere amid the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations start to look for the HR solutions that can transform their internal administration. Meanwhile, the staff of human resources departments become open to new technologies. So, this article will show how HR solutions can transform organizations and benefit all their units.

 1.     Reduction in time-consuming tasks for all departments at organizations

HR solutions were designed to function as self-service systems and reduce the paperwork of organizations. HR solutions can automatically calculate salaries and overtime and support app-based approval of requests. Employees can clock in, clock out, file leave requests, check leave balances and read notices from their management via smartphones.

2.      Big cost reduction

Companies do not need to invest excessively in hardware or software. HR solutions are Software as a Service (SaaS) and can be used right upon subscription and monthly fee payment.

Large-scale companies do not need human resources staff to do repetitive work. For small companies with a workforce of no more than 10, their owners or CEOs can set an HR solution to function automatically and thus reduce their costs of hiring permanent employees. Besides, organizations with HR solutions can cut their costs of paper.

3.      Reduction of error

Error often happens at companies through their paperwork and leads to disputes between employees and their human resources departments. To cope, HR solutions record all data and all units can check them with transparency.

4.      Real-time data examination

With cloud storage, personnel staff can check the data of employees anywhere and anytime. This suits the work-from-anywhere era. Personnel staff can export and report the data to executives right away. Employees can check data on their work, their schedules and notices from their management also in real time.

At the organizations that adopt HR solutions, HR departments can abandon repetitive tasks and instead have time to develop personnel, giving them the new skills that are beneficial to the organizations and boost employee retention. Such organizations also have a better image of modernity.

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