Insights 3 November 2022

What HR Teams Need to Keep up with Changes

Human resource departments are the back offices that play important roles in developing organizations in the digital era which requires personnel to keep learning. HR departments also have to find staff with various skills to meet the specific needs of different units in their organizations. This is the reason why HR departments must focus on producing capable personnel and creating the organizational cultures which tell staff that they always have chances and can grow together with their organizations.

In fact, HR departments in many organizations are wasting time on repetitive tasks including those concerning employee attendance, salary increases, employees’ benefits and activities of their organizations and have less time to develop quality staff.

Unless there is any solution to relieve the burden of repetitive and time-consuming work, in the long run HR staff will be unable to improve their own capabilities and their whole organizations will be affected especially when it comes to competitiveness. Therefore, HR transformation is inevitable. Let’s see what HR departments need to do to become the digital era HR departments that can truly handle changes.

1. Technological application to cut repetitive work – HR departments can use HR solutions to reduce their repetitive work. An automation system or software can handle such tasks as employee attendance, requests for approval and salary administration. Technology communicates with all personnel, provide them with convenient services and automatically notify individual employees of their important information. Apart from reducing workloads, technology can boost employees’ efficiency and offer them good experiences.

2. Less confrontation and more interaction – Sometimes HR departments and employees come into conflict on, for example, leave days and overtime because their data are inconsistent with each other. New HR solutions eliminate such problems because they share correct and complete data through HR mobile applications and employees can check the data by themselves.

With lighter workloads, HR departments have time to create good activities to increase positive interaction with employees and thus endear themselves to all personnel.

3. Introduction of new business-oriented skills to employees – Today employees must adapt quickly and keep learning. HR departments are duty-bound to keep up with changes in business environment and regularly send potential employees to upskilling training so that they can develop their organizations and grow together in a sustainable manner.

4. Data usage for personnel development – In the era of digital economy, it is more necessary to use data within organizations to formulate human resources plans. Technology-assisted data management lets HR departments see the performance of employees in real time and have proactive approaches in their work including planning training, workforces and proper wages for different jobs.

In addition, data on employee attendance reflect the health conditions of each employee. If employees take more sick leaves than normal, HR departments can intervene by changing the nature of work to improve the health of employees and let them work happily for their organizations permanently.

Organizations will grow with sustainability if HR teams are transformed and effectively develop workforces towards the transformation of the whole organizations.

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