Insights 28 June 2023

A close look at ‘SAP DI’, a key to unlock Cloud, On-Premise data management potential;

Nowadays organizations must handle the ever-growing amount of data and also maintain the security and good management of data to ensure their maximal use for business interest. Data security and management have become inevitable challenges facing information technology departments at organizations.

            The perfect choices of solutions help organizations cope with the challenges. The key question is “What is the best solution?” To answer this question, Bluebik is introducing SAP Data Intelligence or SAP DI that was developed to unlock the data management potential of organizations. This solution is compatible with both cloud and on-premise systems.

What is SAP DI?

SAP DI is the tool that was developed on the SAP Data Service or SAP DS which SAP users have widely applied and been familiar with for a long time.

SAP DI is outstanding for being the cloud-based solution that is also compatible with on-premise data systems. Therefore, SAP DI is a breakthrough in data management because it serves the trend of businesses using both cloud and on-premise systems and also responds to the following challenges relating to data collection and storage

  • the collection of data from various sources where data are complex and have different forms/structures
  • the data collection that is fast, accurate and convenient for future use
  • the reliability of data and their security which prevents data breaches

SAP DI is surprisingly useful 

Many users misunderstand that SAP DI is only a data ingestion tool that reads data from sources and sends them to databases for storage. In fact, SAP DI can be applied more extensively than expected. The overview of its applications is as follow.

  • Data ingestion – Data ingestion is crucial to successful data management. Absolutely SAP DI performs data ingestion perfectly because it clearly understands the system and data architecture of SAP. It accurately collects huge and complex data from SAP.
  • Data transformation – SAP DI can handle data transformation and data ingestion simultaneously such as the conversion of data formats and calculations by preset formulas.
  • Data quality monitoring – SAP DI allows users to set their criteria for data quality evaluation and reports results on dashboards so that data can be applied conveniently for purposes, especially for business analyses.
  • Data cleansing – SAP DI supports data cleansing to enhance the quality of the data that will be used in the future. Users can set specific methods and criteria for their data cleansing.

The data literacy of SAP DI

SAP DI can read all data on SAP covering cloud and on-premise data on SAP Table, SAP CDS View and SAP BW. It can also work with data from other sources including SQL and Oracle, data files of various formats (Excel, CSV and Text) and data stored on cloud platforms like Google, AWS and Azure.

The kinds of organizations that benefit from SAP DI

SAP DI was designed to be compatible with various sources of data, both cloud and on-premise ones. It is thus beneficial to the organizations that must handle considerable and complex data. It is suitable especially for the organizations that use SAP for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) because SAP DI was designed by SAP. This is why SAP DI runs efficiently with SAP.

Bluebik: Thailand’s first and successful implementer of SAP DI

Besides effective tools, another vital factor is implementers’ experience. This is the reason why SAP Thailand entrusts Bluebik to be the first implementer of SAP DI for data management on cloud platforms in Thailand. SAP DI goes live perfectly at leading organizations in the country.

The factors that make SAP Thailand delegate Bluebik to do the task are Bluebik’s comprehensive knowledge and expertise on SAP in terms of functional requirements and advanced technical requirements. In addition, Bluebik has good teamwork with SAP Thailand and its teams have readiness and experiences for the implementation of large data management projects. This guarantees that Bluebik’s clients can make the most use of SAP DI to meet all their requirements.

Bluebik is always willing to provide clients with SAP DI details and installation services. As a leader in the application of solutions, Bluebik has teams that are ready for consulting and end-to-end services to satisfy clients in all industries. Please feel free to contact Bluebik at [email protected] or share interest at https://forms.gle/CaaR5BWeBvP3C6ia6.