News & Activities 8 March 2022

OR and Bluebik join hands to unveil ORBIT Digital’s plan helping OR to become the leader of Digital Mobility & Lifestyle

OR and Bluebik join hands to unveil ORBIT Digital’s plan helping OR to become the leader of Digital Mobility & Lifestyle on its digital platforms which connect all and create inclusive growth without limit. 

ORBIT Digital, a joint venture of Modulus Venture Company Limited that is wholly owned by PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR) and Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK) which is a leading consultancy on digital transformation with a 40% stake taken by OR and a 60% share by BBIK, unveils its plan to make OR the Digital Mobility & Lifestyle leader through 3 large-scale digital projects that will develop digital platforms and use data to increase business value for unlimited revenue generation and growth.

Mr. Wison Suntharachan, Senior Executive Vice President for Corporate Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited, said digital capabilities and digital assets were very important engines to drive an organization and ORBIT Digital was a key mechanism for OR to upgrade its information technology capabilities and digital platforms for the good experiences of consumers and to use digital innovations to further develop business on 3 missions – to enhance competitiveness with new technologies and innovations, to use information to increase value and develop new business and to accumulate knowledge and produce innovation-related personnel within the organization.

The implementation of OR’s projects through ORBIT Digital will benefit from the extensive business experiences of OR and BBIK’s expertise in strategies and digital innovations and they will create the digital platforms that will endlessly meet the needs of consumers.

Miss Rajsuda Rungsiyakull, Senior Executive Vice President assigned as ORion Project Director and Director of Modulus Venture Company Limited, said ORBIT Digital would play important roles in developing the digital platforms of OR and keeping them up-to-date and highly efficient so that OR would reach its goal to become the leader of Digital Mobility & Lifestyle and have the digital platforms that impressively serve consumers in a sustainable manner. Within 2022 there will be the digital platforms that will connect consumers to the services of OR and partners through the All in one Application. Partners will actively cooperate to develop a wide range of features related to mobility and lifestyles that will facilitate and serve all facets of everyday life of customers and ensure the inclusive growth of all partners.

Mr. Pakorn Jiemskultip, Chief Executive Officer of ORBIT Digital Company Limited, said ORBIT Digital had its plan to support the digital projects of OR. It divides the plan into 3 stages – team formation and development, the development of relevant digital platforms and services and data monetization. In 2022 ORBIT Digital plans to develop 3 key projects that are under the second stage. They are a Loyalty Management System Development and Improvement, an All in one Application Development, and an All-encompassing Digital Platforms of OR and its Partners. The projects are expected to be developed this year and implemented next year. The details of the projects are as follows.

The Loyalty Management System Development and Improvement – It will develop and improve membership systems to serve the customers of OR. The membership systems include the Blue Card membership and the membership systems of business partners. The systems will be linked and the integrated use of their data will be maximized. Customers will enjoy digital experiences, receive privileges from OR effortlessly, check points easier and redeem them faster. OR and ORBIT Digital hope that the system development and improvement will upgrade services provided through information systems, support system integration with business partners in the future, serve the demand of customers and Blue Card members in a faster and more accurate manner and handle the numbers of transactions and Blue Card members that will be growing in the future because of the changing lifestyles of customers.

The All in one Application Development – It concerns the development of digital platforms to serve all lifestyles through a single application. This will produce one-stop solutions that will be parts of everyday life, make users’ life easier and more convenient and offer personalized experiences. This application will gather and connect the present and future partners of OR. Synergy and growth will happen simultaneously.

The All-encompassing Digital Platforms of OR and its Partners – OR and its business partners will have their digital platforms connected to one another. Products, services and back-office systems will be linked through the digital platforms of OR. For example, the EV Station App will allow users to plan their trips and reserve their charging, show the locations of charging stations and include online payment and its LINE official account to provide customers with seamless user experiences and promote the business of OR and its partners.

For Data Monetization, ORBIT Digital plans to start it in 2025. ORBIT Digital and OR will jointly develop a new business model to support long-term data monetization. In this third stage of projects, ORBIT Digital will continue to develop and supervise the new projects that will be implemented on the digital platforms of OR to support the operations of OR according to its vision of “Empowering All Toward Inclusive Growth”.

“ORBIT Digital develops and promotes all digital and technology projects of OR to pave the way for OR to be the Digital Mobility & Lifestyle leader in the country. I believe that experienced teams from ORBIT Digital and Bluebik can together increase growth potential and business value. I am also confident that capable personnel will guarantee success in the digital projects of OR. With all the above-mentioned development projects, ORBIT Digital will generate at least 150 million baht in annual revenue,” Mr. Pakorn Jiemskultip said.

Besides, the company plans to expand its IT workforce to develop the digital capabilities of OR. The workforce is expected to exceed 100. It is recruiting technology-related staff members at all levels including graduates, experienced professionals and specialists to be its Software Engineers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Technical Leads, Software Testers, IT Project Managers, System Analysts, Solution Architects and those responsible for digital product management such as product managers, product owners and product strategists.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said the collaboration between OR and Bluebik through ORBIT Digital ensured the success of both organizations. OR will definitely develop the digital innovations and business ecosystem that will boost its competitiveness and finally turn it into the leader in Digital Mobility & Lifestyle while Bluebik will be growing in a steady and sustainable manner.