News & Activities 5 April 2022

Bluebik plans overseas business in ASEAN, Europe, and US to demonstrate its potential as a leading international consultancy

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), a consultancy on end-to-end digital transformation, is ready to expand its services overseas starting with ASEAN and then proceeding to Europe and the United States. The international growth will happen through its subsidiary, “Bluebik Global”, that was founded in January. This year BBIK plans to make its strong presence in ASEAN’s established economies namely Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam and in 2024 it will go farther and reach Europe and the US. With its quality personnel and services of international standards, BBIK is confident that it can serve more clients in other countries as well as also be able to recruit foreign tech talents who will strengthen its services. Based on its overseas business plans, BBIK intends to be among world-class consultancies on digital transformation in five years.

 Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said the business sectors of many ASEAN member states were eager for digital transformation and technological utilization to elevate their competitive edge. There is quite high demand for app development to serve the digital lifestyles of consumers and Bluebik’s consulting on digital solutions and technological development for organizations (Digital Excellence & Delivery) as well as its big data management and advanced data analysis services (Big Data & Advanced Analytics) meet the demand perfectly. Furthermore, the company is confident that it can conveniently enter markets in this region because it has a competitive pricing strategy, and its personnel have extensive experiences from their past work for world-class consultancies.

“The world is handling the tide of digital disruption. So, it is good time to expand services overseas. There is ample room for growth because overseas markets are huge and have high demand for digital technology implementation. For example, in Indonesia where we entered last year there are many unicorn start-ups and advanced technology adoption is wider than in Thailand. Besides, the scale of the Indonesian economy is nearly twice as much as the Thai economy, and it is one of the top Asian destinations of foreign investments. Therefore, overseas markets will form another growth engine of Bluebik. They will secure long-term revenue and offer knowledge and extraordinary experiences to its personnel,” Mr. Pochara said.

Europe and the United States are much larger than ASEAN and also have considerable demand for digital transformation. Besides, remote work is more common and accordingly more capable professionals from the outside are hired. Therefore, BBIK sees opportunities to also enter these regions and especially provide technology implementation. Regarding its overseas expansion, BBIK has completed its plan to manage currency risks. It also has a personnel development plan that is being implemented through the Bluebik Academy project initiated to develop skills for the future including those relating to data science and advanced analytics. The company also has the Bluebik Technology Center in India, which functions as a hub of innovation and technological knowledge. The center is also a venue for training and recruiting tech talents to support Bluebik’s teams in providing local and overseas services.

Mr. Pochara said work experiences would come from the overseas markets where there was fierce competition, capabilities were challenged, technologies were wisely applied, and demand diversified. These experiences will attract IT professionals and inspire creativity. For example, in Thailand a big software application may be developed to handle 5-10 million users but in other countries software development is designed to serve from tens of millions to 100 million users. So, the designs and development will be much more challenging, difficult, and complex. Overseas work will elevate the capabilities of Bluebik’s staff, especially its tech talents, and they can apply the knowledge and experiences they gain overseas to local projects. Their standard services will then be above clients’ expectations. This will make Bluebik different when the quality of its services is compared with that of local competitors.

“Today income from overseas services accounts for about 14% of the total revenue of the company. From now on, it will be growing steadily together with the total revenue which the company expects to soar by at least 50% this year. The business expansion will turn Bluebik into a leading digital transformation consultancy that can compete globally within five years as planned,” Mr. Pochara concluded.