News & Activities 20 April 2022

Bluebik Closes Deal to Acquire IT-CAT, an Exemplary Human Resources Solutions Provider, Aiming to be the Top Leader in Digital Transformation

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), a leading digital transformation consultancy, has announced its acquisition of a 40% shareholding in IT-CAT Company Limited to expand its services to cloud-based human resources management. IT-CAT’s HR cloud solution named “HumanOS” will generate recurring income and underline Bluebik’s true digital transformation leadership.

Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said human resources management was highly important to all organizations because personnel were a main factor behind steady and sustainable growth. The new norm of “work from anywhere” or “remote work” prompts organizations to increasingly apply technology to their human resources management. Therefore, Bluebik has taken a keen interest in efficient HR solutions and decided to make the investment. Bluebik is confident that IT-CAT’s expertise in application design and development, especially in its operating system for human resources management called “HumanOS” which has satisfied a considerable amount of clients, will contribute to Bluebik’s strengths in products and meet all kinds of demand from clients.

“We are delighted to invest in IT-CAT which performs outstandingly in delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions for enterprises. IT-CAT has served large-scale clients for over 10 years and has more than 100,000 users of its HumanOS. I believe that the acquisition of the 40% shareholding in IT-CAT will increase the competitiveness of Bluebik and Bluebik can also expand its client base to medium and small-scale organizations by introducing IT-CAT products. Besides, Bluebik can create product prototypes to open up business opportunities with the clients of IT-CAT. Moreover, Bluebik will help shape the business growth and focus on the market expansion of IT-CAT,” Pochara added.

Sarawut Noopholkrang, Founder of IT-CAT Company Limited, said IT-CAT was fully capable of designing and developing web-based applications and mobile applications and gained high credibility among many governmental and private organizations. Becoming a part of Bluebik is a significant milestone because the combination of Bluebik’s digital transformation expertise and IT-CAT’s application design and development capabilities will increase the potential and strengths of both organizations.

Chawdee Baramee, Co-founder of IT-CAT, said “HumanOS” was the human resources solution that could meet the sophisticated requirements of individual organizations including check-ins, checkouts, leave reports, overtime tracking and remote work supervision. Employees can keep logs conveniently and easily via mobile phones. There are also features to handle documents, approval (workflows) and the back-office work of HR departments covering, for example, payroll processing, social security reports, tax filings and fund calculations as well as employee performance evaluation and training. “HumanOS” is highly acceptable among business organizations because it helps cut costs significantly on its cloud-based system which saves the maintenance costs of IT equipment.

“The investment in IT-CAT is a part of Bluebik’s investment plan for 2022. Bluebik’s expansion of business and services via consistent acquisition shows its growth potential and builds up the confidence that its business will this year grow by at least 50% as earlier anticipated. Bluebik is looking for new investment opportunities to further strengthen its business and accomplish its mission to be a venture builder,” Mr. Pochara concluded.