News & Activities 8 August 2022

Bluebik (BBIK) plans aggressive overseas market expansion in Europe after securing a health software development project in the UK

Bluebik (BBIK) is poised to expand in Europe after receiving a health app development contract in the UK. Its foreign income will reach this year’s target on strong dollars. The company runs full throttle in studying overseas markets to get digital transformation shares in Europe and the United States.

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), a leading consultancy and service provider on end-to-end digital transformation, has entered Europe by securing a software development contract with a large-scale health app developer in the UK in July. The project benefits directly from US dollar appreciation and spurs the revenue growth of the company. With the project, Bluebik will achieve its goal to increase foreign income contribution to 15-20% of gross revenue this year.

Today Bluebik is seriously studying its business opportunities in Europe and the United States to have its shares in the very large markets with which Thailand and Southeast Asia cannot compare. The company is confident that its experienced personnel and experts who have internationally competitive edge can meet demand there.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said digital transformation markets in Europe and the United States were huge because many organizations saw the benefits of applying new technologies and innovations to improve operations in public and private sectors and develop digital economy. Consequently, demand remains high for the development of information technology systems, applications, and software. Maximize Market Research has estimated that the value of digital transformation markets in Europe will be as high as US$899 billion in 2027, up from only US$185.4 billion in 2020.

Regarding the trend of technology and digital transformation, Bluebik sees opportunities to have and expand its market shares in Europe and the United States. Its advanced capabilities and extensive experiences in technology and software development together with foreign information technology experts from Bluebik Technology Center in India will be its weapons there.

“Apart from Europe and the United States, our company also plans to expand client bases in the Southeast Asian nations that have strong economic fundamentals such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore. We focus on clients in the financial sector who form our main client bases. In the second half of this year, we expect to sign more contracts for the development of technological systems at organizations (Digital Excellence & Delivery) and strategic and management consulting (Management Consulting). So, foreign income should grow significantly in the second half,” Mr. Pochara said.

For overseas expansion, Bluebik will recruit at least 50 foreign information technology experts this year in addition to about 30 professionals in this field presently in its workforce. Bluebik Technology Center will handle the recruitment as the center of innovation and technology is tasked with training and recruiting IT personnel to support the local and overseas services of Bluebik.

“We are confident that this year is a good year, the time of Bluebik’s exponential growth inside and outside the country.  Our overall operations should grow by more than 70% because digital transformation is still a global trend and needs continuous investment. This is a boost to the business of Bluebik,” Mr. Pochara concluded.