News & Activities 2 December 2022

Bluebik announces 100% acquisition of 2 big tech companies to enhance digital delivery and ERP services

  • By the end of 2022, Bluebik has acquired about 300 IT and software developers from MFEC’s Digital Delivery team to enhance its software development and IT management capabilities to serve increasing demand for digital transformation in the digital economy era
  • Bluebik strengthens its ERP consulting for clients in all sizes by acquiring Innoviz Solutions, a leading consultancy and implementer of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), a top service provider of end-to-end digital transformation, invested more than 1 billion baht in acquiring two leading technology companies in the country. One is a digital delivery unit of MFEC Public Company Limited (MFEC) which is a one-stop IT consultancy and developer. The business unit gathers more than 300 IT and software developers. The other acquisition is Innoviz Solutions Co., Ltd., a leading consultancy and implementer of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution. The company has been well recognized for 17 years in Thailand. The two major acquisitions further enhance the software development and ERP services of Bluebik. Its tech talents will grow by more than double from 350 to 780 and support its business expansion in and outside the country. This paves the way for the exponential growth of Bluebik in line with its three-year strategic plan. Evidently Bluebik again proves to be a truly end-to-end digital transformation partner and global venture builder.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited, said the acquisition of the Digital Delivery team of MFEC boosted Bluebik’s capabilities of technology consulting and development (Digital Excellence & Delivery – DX) which was a key revenue driver for Bluebik. It also creates business opportunities through synergy with MFEC and saves costs by the economy of scale. As a result of the acquisition, Bluebik has as many as 500 experienced IT and software developers and can better accommodate the demand of local and international business organizations for digital transformation.

The Digital Delivery team of MFEC excels in software and digital platform development in accordance with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process and in deployment management. It also specializes in 1) the application development for mobile, website, desktop, and blockchain; 2) Application Programming Interface (API) management; 3) UX/UI design for websites and applications; 4) software quality assurance; and 5) support and maintenance related to 1) and 4). Bluebik acquires the Digital Delivery team with proceeds from its initial public offering, operating cash flow and additional fundraising. The process is expected to be concluded in the first quarter of 2023.

The acquisition of Innoviz Solutions Co., Ltd., which is a leading implementer of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd., will strengthen the growth of Bluebik because ERP is the key to greater productivity and flexible business and a must for the digital transformation and sustainable growth of leading organizations.

“At least 130 ERP experts from Innoviz Solutions will play important roles in increasing the competitiveness of Bluebik and effectively meeting the demand of the existing clients of the group. Moreover, Bluebik can introduce its main products and services to more than 200 clients of Innoviz Solutions, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in consumer product, financial and banking sectors as well as organizations in the public sector. So, the clients from both sides will gain the best benefits from the one-stop services that are based on world-class innovation and technology and can satisfy every demand from clients,” Mr. Pochara said.

For the acquisition of Innoviz Solutions, purchased shares will be paid in three tranches. The first one will be done in the first quarter of 2023. The payment will be completed in 2025. Bluebik will buy all shares from existing shareholders in cash. In the first tranche, Bluebik will take a 55% stake with a loan at a price equal to the net profit of Innoviz in 2022 multiplied by the 12 times of P/E and by the number of shares in the 55% stake. In the second tranche, Bluebik will purchase a 30% stake at a price equal to the net profit of Innoviz in 2023 multiplied by 16 times of P/E and by the number of shares in the 30% stake. In the last tranche, Bluebik will buy a 15% stake at a price equal to the net profit of Innoviz in 2023 multiplied by 16 times of P/E and by the number of shares in the 15% stake. Bluebik will pay the second and third tranches with operating cash flow.

“The unceasing business expansion of Bluebik accords with its investment plan aimed at following the trend of digital transformation and serving the steadily growing demand of businesses for new technologies to have competitive edge. These positive factors show the growth potential of the technology industry which has been reflected by the new highs of Bluebik’s performance that have continued for consecutive quarters. The acquisition of the two companies will make the future growth of Bluebik particularly attractive because its IT experts will increase by more than double and support its three-year strategic plan. This again proves Bluebik’s status as the tech company that is determined to be a global venture builder,” Mr. Pochara concluded.