News & Activities 8 June 2023

Bluebik Expands Benefits to Celebrate Gender Diversity in Pride Month

Love knows no bounds, transcending gender norms. In honor of Pride Month, Bluebik is proud to extend our marital benefits, which are marital leave and allowance, to include LGBTQIA+ employees. This represents our unwavering support for marriage equality, even in the absence of legal recognition for same-sex unions under Thai law.

“We are dedicated to providing equal care and support to all our LGBTQIA+ employees,” declares Pochara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik.

Effective from June 1st, 2023, Bluebik Group, comprising GMVPI, Bluebik Global, Bluebik Vulcan, Bluebik Titans, Bluebik Nexus, and Sauce Skills, has revised its marital benefits policy. Previously, a marriage certificate was required as proof. However, moving forward, employees can submit alternative evidence, such as wedding cards and photos.

All employees, irrespective of gender identity, now have access to the following marital benefits:

1. Marriage Leave: 3 days

2. Marriage Allowance: 5,000 baht

“The well-being and livelihood of our employees are at the core of our company benefits. This policy change reflects Bluebik’s commitment to providing exceptional care and support, demonstrating our understanding and solidarity with employees in all aspects of their lives,” explains Pochara.

“We firmly believe that by empathizing with our employees, including understanding and respecting their gender identities, we empower them to embrace their authentic selves. Ultimately, this empowerment translates into enhanced productivity. When individuals are confident, they unlock their full potential.”

Pochara further emphasizes the importance of tailored benefits that address the unique needs and significant moments in the lives of employees across genders. Bluebik is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of benefits, including:

1. Gender Reassignment Surgery Leave – Empowering transgender employees to confidently express their true selves: 30 days

2. Ordination Leave – Supporting the religious beliefs of male employees: 7 days

3. Maternity Leave – Allowing mothers to recover and cherish precious time with their newborns: 45 days (paid leave) or up to 98 days (unpaid, if exceeding the initial 45 days)

4. Parental Leave – Enabling husbands and fathers to care for their wives and newborns: 3-10 days, depending on years of service

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Bluebik upholds its commitment as an equal opportunity employer, providing opportunities for professionals of all genders, ages, and races. Pochara affirms, “Gender, racial, or age discrimination is strictly prohibited throughout our recruitment process. We evaluate candidates based on their current skill set, growth potential, and alignment with our company culture. Gender, age, or racial profile do not influence our hiring decisions.”

“Once candidates become part of Bluebik, we ensure equal support for their career progression. Regardless of pronouns used or gender identities embraced, all employees have equal opportunities for growth and promotion. This stems from our belief in the untapped potential of individuals. Embracing equal opportunity doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to their profiles; on the contrary, we actively encourage those who may have faced limited opportunities in the past, such as females and LGBTQIA+ individuals, to take the lead and participate in any project.”

During Pride Month, Bluebik organizes numerous activities and events to raise awareness about gender inclusivity. Stay informed about these initiatives by visiting our website and following us on social media.