With a professional team of data engineers and scientists, Bluebik takes pride in helping you establish a security-enhanced and robust data infrastructure, translate data into measurable value, and gain actionable, profound knowledge for your business to attain operational excellence.

22 February 2022

4 Things Business Need to Know for Successful Data-Driven Marketing

With Bluebik, our clients can confidently attain the following:

• Developing advanced analytics strategies that transform your data assets into a true competitive advantage. This enables the customer to minimize the cost through appropriate tools and a methodology which is most suitable to the customer’s company usability.

• Deploying advanced analytics approaches to support decision-making and improve your operational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as test the results of your customer-facing digital initiatives to ensure the maximum impact.

• Discovering the best solutions that businesses can quickly deploy to improve the productivity and effectiveness of machine-learning projects according to the machine-learning operating framework. By defining a reliable process, the customer can safeguard measures to reduce development time and create better models.

Bluebik is committed to delivering advanced technologies for the benefit of our clients by making investments across leading machine-learning platforms. We believe that accurate and reliable delivery of insightful data is the cornerstone of enhanced product qualities and production yields.

How we can help our clients to achieve their goals:

• Designing and developing big data platforms with analytics capabilities using machine-learning algorithms and data visualization techniques to support management decisions for leading life insurers. We can design and develop big data architectures for the insurance industry.

• Increasing the customer’s conversion rate with a highly valued recommendation from our lead prioritization and product matching models.

• Developing lead prioritization strategies by separating potential leads from poor quality ones to determine the ones that are ‘most likely to buy’ first. Our experts are ready to help provide advice on innovative product matching models to improve customer conversion rates.

• Developing a model to detect possible fraud risks in order to minimize credit fraud risk whereby the company can manage the case at an early stage.

• Constructing a database that can provide a single company-wide view of its customer interactions through improved data quality and consistency among business units. This will enhance the customer’s experience through data analytics by using machine-learning techniques.

At Bluebik, we always strive to go beyond customer expectations. Our firm’s success includes helping a client achieve a rise of over 170% in ROI is a testament to our commitment. In turn, this improves data pipeline functionality and enhances performance and scalability by providing data profiling and data versioning.