Bluebik helps organizations fuel their growth by enabling successful strategic directions, combining local expertise with global consulting tools to identify key success factors, and crafting strategic directions with where to participate and how to win. Our management consulting services focus on advising companies in all areas of the business management spectrum including the following:

• Business performance
• Business strategy formation
• Marketing and branding strategy
• Market entry analysis
• Digital transformation
• Digital marketing
• Market sizing and research
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28 February 2022

Disruptive Growth, a strategy for exponential growth which makes survivors winners

With Bluebik, our clients can confidently attain the following:

• Making critical decisions about how to grow and reinvent core business, identifying and building new engines of growth, allocating resources, and achieving cost efficiencies.

• Starting fast and adapting as needed, adjusting without losing momentum. We ensure that your strategy development remains dynamic and at the same pace as today’s ever-evolving business situations.

• Inspiring, energizing and aligning your team, working collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure that your strategy delivers results.

• Seeing your business and your competitive viability - more clearly than ever, through our provocative core beliefs on strategy, combined with analytic rigor.

Bluebik is committed to delivering an exclusive strategy and reframing the way to highlight new opportunities for growth while maintaining company characteristics for our clients to establish a unique business direction for success. We help our clients identify the keys for achieving success and the factors needed for crafting strategic directions so that a company can position itself to succeed.

How Bluebik can help our clients to achieve their goals:

• Designing an Omnichannel strategy to develop a better means of communication for clients, which also includes the operation of IT architecture and a clickable prototype.

• Developing a digital and physical customer experience blueprint and implementation roadmap.

• Establishing a business strategy model for a prototype restaurant and designing their Loyalty Program with featured gamification to penetrate new markets.

• Building a strategic plan, operational plan, reorganizational plan, and human development plan for one of the leading banks in Thailand.

• Advising on digital business models and digital transformation including digital strategy, workflow automation and data analytics.

• Developing a disruptive digital banking plan including branding, key features, and an acquisition and retention strategy.

• Developing a business plan, a go-to-market strategy and a detailed roadmap for technologically advanced products.

• Developing a digital transformation plan for disruptive services.