Our people’s stories 9 October 2023

Marking World Mental Health Day With 7 Ways to Care For Mental Health the Bluebik Way

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, and we want to share Bluebik’s approach to caring for our staff’s mental well-being.

Statistics from WHO in 2019, shows that 15% of the global workforce experienced mental health issues stemming from their workplaces. These issues included inappropriate work environments, excessive workloads, and discrimination.

These mental health challenges impact not only individuals but also the overall productivity of organizations. In a single year, it’s estimated that businesses worldwide suffered approximately $1 trillion in lost productivity.

At Bluebik, we place a high priority on the mental well-being of our employees. That’s why we offer a range of benefits aimed at promoting holistic wellness:

  • Wellness Allowance: Enjoy a 4,000 baht yearly allowance, giving each staff member the freedom to spend it on their personal wellness needs.
  • Employee Discount: We’ve partnered with various stores and brands to bring exclusive discounts to all Bluebik employees.

Curious to see how individuals at Bluebik utilize these benefits for their mental health? Read on below.

Tul, PR & Marketing 

Enhancing immunity & finding peace of mind through an influenza shot

“During the rainy season, there was a widespread influenza outbreak. I visited a clinic and informed them that I intended to use the Bluebik benefit. It only took around 30 minutes from paperwork to receiving the injection. Once I got the influenza shot, I felt at ease.  

“I’m glad that Bluebik has made the wellness allowance flexible. It caters to the diverse needs and preferences of each employee.”

Nus, Accounting and Administration

Focusing on the pages of the book and being still with myself

“I used to spend hours selecting books, only purchasing the ones I was most eager to read or by authors I knew, to ensure my money was well spent. However, since having the wellness allowance, I’ve become more open to exploring diverse genres and reading books by unfamiliar authors.

“I like books because I like being still with myself and focusing on the pages of the book. Thank you Bluebik for this benefit. I hope we continue to have it next year.”

Kik, Accounting and Administration

Boosting beauty, confidence & happiness all in one

“Before this I lacked the confidence to visit beauty clinics, but I still wanted to look better and be more self-assured. So, when I found out about the beauty clinic deal in our employee discount benefit, I tried to be open-minded and gave it a go.

“I think many people overlook self-care after they start working, and I’m no exception. So this benefit helps me take better care of myself, enhancing my appearance and boosting my confidence, and ultimately, making me happier. It also feels like I am being taken care of by the company.”

Max, Digital Excellence & Delivery

Taking a walk in a pair of versatile shoes to destress

“I enjoy exercising, and my old training shoes were falling apart after 4-5 years of use. So, I used the wellness allowance to buy a new pair of Nike Metcon 5. They not only save my feet and ankles during workouts but also complete my everyday look, whether I’m going to the office or just being out and about.

“Besides cardio and weight training, I like taking solo walks. It helps me relax, destress, and reflect on my day.”

Lookpad, Experience Design

Taking dance & boxing class to loosen up and make new friends

“I like moving my body, so I spend the wellness allowance on dance and boxing classes. These classes have not only improved my physical health but also boosted my mental well-being. Going to class after work is my way of relaxing and enjoying the music.

“What’s more, I’ve made a bunch of new friends from different walks of life. I’m now really close to my instructors and classmates. Sometimes, I even join classes when I don’t know the songs just because I’m tight with the instructors or my friends invite me. Meeting friendly people that are nice to me and spending time together makes me very happy.”

As you can see, when we prioritize mental health in the workplace, our staff can enhance their overall well-being and increase their happiness.

What’s most significant is that the benefits thoughtfully crafted by Bluebik aren’t limited to World Mental Health Day; they are adaptable and can be used daily, catering to the various needs of our employees.

Lastly, we wish you all happiness and good mental health every day!