Our Digital Experience Design experts can connect your problems with your target customers' ways of life. Our services center on UX/UI design, ideation, design thinking, conversational design, as well as tracking and measuring UX that help to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.

14 May 2021

Agile Branding Make brands Fadelessly Famous

With Bluebik, our clients can confidently attain the following:

• Achieving competitive advantages through UX/UI design by making sure that it is more than just effective product design

• Better understanding your customers through their journey. Our research will bring you a comprehensive view about how people see, think and react to your products/services through their eyes as well as the exposure of customer “pain points” with a solution from us that can improve the customer experience.

• Retaining customers by building an enterprise application that is appealing and intuitive to gain customer loyalty with repeated uses. In this digital world, customer retention is increasingly important as competition grows with every technological advancement.

• Improving productivity through a better user experience. When you consider the increased productivity over the number of users and hours of the day that each user is active, the financial impact is readily apparent and substantial.

• Reducing development cost and time. An estimated 50% of engineering time is spent redoing work to fix mistakes, like incorrect assumptions about how users will behave, confusing navigation or a design that is not accessible. This is all to shrink the size of the feature's “graveyard” of your product.

Bluebik is committed to delivering a digital design for enhancing end-users’ innovative experiences, which attract attention and create new standards in the industry. We can provide solutions and approaches with the power of design.

How we can help our clients to achieve their goals:

• Designing the UX/UI of a new mobile banking application for a country's leading commercial bank. This application has gained more than 4.3 million new users after the revamp.

• Redesigning the UX/UI of a new NPA website for a well-known bank to be easy and user-friendly.

• Designing the conversational flow on LINE OA for a leading restaurant chain.