Strategic PMO services assist an organization to identify and prioritize operational improvement initiatives based on business value and organizational readiness, including helping the organization develop business architectures for future growth.

11 April 2022

10-Point Checklist for Problem-Free Vendor Selection

With Bluebik, our clients can confidently attain the following:

• Leveraging operations to achieve business growth with reliability and consistent professional execution.

• Providing speed and ability to adapt to changing business conditions.

• Developing true operational insights through meaningful milestones and objectives.

• Increasing project predictability for the planning accuracy of projects in terms of budget, schedule and resources.

Bluebik is committed to delivering comprehensive and actionable process improvements as well as a transformation plan, which is best suited to the clients’ unique operational process and strategically provides management movement for important decisions. We enable our clients to achieve tangible benefits and significant cost saving through their business processes.

How we can help our clients to achieve their goals:

• Designing a PMO working structure and a project governance model and setting up a project management mechanism to create rhythm in project delivery.

• Strategically and systematically executing projects and delivering successful results in a timely manner.

• Performing assessment on current processes and technology capability to identify gaps and improvements to address strategic requirements.

• Prioritizing process transformation initiatives and developing a transformation roadmap and project governance to increase the readiness to operationalize recommendations.

• Advising on process transformation, incorporating new technology to simplify processes and eliminate unnecessarily complicated ones.

• Designing and developing an authentic operational policy and procedure to orchestrate business activities.