Case Studies 4 August 2021

Designing the Winning Business Strategy

Client Industry : Retail business – Shopping center

Bluebik Role : Formulate business strategy and marketing communication strategy, explore new omnichannel business models, reimagine on the application usage and applying data analytics within organization consultancy.

Situation : COVID-19 pandemic situation has confined international travel and directly impact the number of foreign tourist arrival, which is the main targeted customer. In response to the prolonged pandemic situation with thin ray of hope for tourist to come back, Bluebik’s Client need to adjust their shopping center to meet the domestic demand including shopping center strategy, marketing communication strategy, new omnichannel business model, and applying data analytics to improve internal organization operation.

Solution : Bluebik spent 4 months to deliver the full packs of 5 key deliverables including

  1. Formulated and validated shopping mall strategy for key malls.
  2. Recommended marketing and branding strategy, focusing on communication plan.
  3. Identify key strategic opportunities of omnichannel business that suit current capabilities.
  4. Provide guidance for application development to improve access to customer and increase higher customer engagement.
  5. Key strategic direction to acquire more data and identify key use cases for data analytics.

Result :

  • Recommendation to relocate, add new merchant categories and revise zoning concept to attract targeted customer segments while differentiate the mall itself from competitors in the long term by leveraging existing assets and unique strategic advantages e.g., Ex-post facto legal advantages, location, type of major customer bases. The given recommendations are designed to be implemented in parallel of recovery from COVID-19 situation within Thailand.
  • Marketing communication strategy and high-level plan to attract and increase engagement from end customers while improving traceability on marketing performance for future improvement, the plan is covering renovation period to mall opening month and mall’s annual promotion and activities calendar.
  • New business development opportunity identified to access to Thai and foreign end customers through Omnichannel. 4 business models were introduced.
  • New application features and functions for customer loyalty programs. New concept of promotion and value creation model was introduced to increase promotion attractiveness at lower investment cost while leveraging current capabilities.
  • Use cases for data analytics to create business impact through increasing profit, lower cost and improve operation efficiency, the cases are considered based on current data and capabilities.