Case Studies 21 September 2021

‘Go Digital’ Begins with Digital Mindset

Client Industry : A Financial and Investment Service Provider

Bluebik Role : Campaigning for a digital mindset to enable members in the organization to develop digital projects and tools that will help boost its competitive edge and to increase the acceptance and use of digital tools.

Situation : Over the past few years, the phrase “Go Digital” became the mission of many organizations that desired explosive growth. This client of Bluebik was determined to develop various forms of digital tools to improve its own efficiency but was challenged by the low levels of acceptance and use. Therefore, it looked for a partner who can provide insights into its employees.

Solution : Bluebik increased the acceptance and use of digital tools within 4 months. Executives of many departments and companies under the same umbrella jointly drew a 3-year digital roadmap to initiate the digital projects that they approved and of which they sorted out the priorities together.

Result : This client was made aware of reasons behind the low acceptance and use of digital tools in its organization. There were 3 main reasons – the attitude of its personnel (people), complicated usage (process) and technology literacy (technology). Bluebik helped solve the problems by designing a process for efficient use based on the principles of good governance which include transparency. Engagements were clearly specified to enable IT and business departments to help each other initiate digital projects.