News & Activities 3 August 2021

‘Bluebik’ gets SEC green light for IPO Gearing up for listing and to sell 25 million shares Target set to become the leading consultancy on digital transformation

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited is preparing to sell 25 million shares in an initial public offering (IPO) after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given the green light to move forward with the Company’s filing to raise fund in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) as the Company proclaims its expertise in the field of consultancy on the adoption of innovations and technology integration with a high quality team to unlock the business potential and propel growth for large-scale organizations. The Company is also moving ahead to strengthen core teams to support the business expansion and to cooperate with partners for fulfilling technology development demand in digital transformation.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), revealed that Bluebik has the leading consulting firm on strategies and management based on innovations and technologies with more than 100 experienced consultants from world’s leading consultancy firms to enhance the competitive capability and to unlock the business potential for any large-scale organization in order to successfully transform towards the digital age and to achieve sustainable growth. At present, the Company offers five main services, namely:

  1. Management Consulting – Bluebik explores factors behind business successes, crafts strategies, also analyzes the economic impacts and opportunities of technologies application in business improvement to create the tangible value that will lead to exponential growth.
  1. Strategic PMO – Bluebik manages large-scaled and highly complicated projects and formulates information technology systems for organizations with strategic project management to ensure all projects are implemented on schedule and within set budgets.
  1. Digital Excellence and Delivery – Bluebik gives comprehensive advice on digital application and technology development customized for individual organizations, including the design of user experiences and user interfaces (UX/UI) on websites and applications to solve specific problems and to increase business efficiency and flexibility.
  1. Big Data & Advanced Analytics – Bluebik provides advice on the data management and advanced analytics with artificial intelligence technology and big data. The company also develops and implements data-related infrastructures to turn data into actionable insights
  1. IT Staff Augmentation – Bluebik helps quickly fill the client’s manpower and resource gap of in-house IT team, including programmers, software developers and information technology specialists, dedicated for a chosen period.

Mr. Pochara continued that Bluebik has a plan to expand the investment to support growth in these following seven areas; 1) Hiring additional personnel and enhancing technological skills as well as planning to develop the Learning Academy Center.; 2) Developing technological and digital products to provide Software as a Service (SaaS) and establishing a Research and Development Center.; 3) Enhancing the internal management potential with better software systems that support organizational growth.; 4) Expanding office space to support the growing workforce.; 5) Paying off loans to financial institutions. 6) Using the fund as working capital for the group’s operations, and; 7) Investing in other related businesses with the potential to grow and cope with market volatility.

As for the Company’s performance, there have been strong continuous growth from 2018 up to 2020 in both profit and revenue from sales and services with the net profit translating into compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 51.81 percent. Annual revenues from sales and services were at 132.76 million baht, 184.94 million baht and 200.53 million baht, respectively, while the CAGR was 22.90 percent. The 01/2021 performance showed revenue from sales and services of 49.78 million baht, an increase of 19.90 percent over the same period of the previous year as a result of the demand for the organizational transformation of the customers. Also, the Company has been increasingly given the vote of confidence to become the consultancy on strategies and management. This has resulted in a net profit of 12.34 million baht, or 24.78 percent of revenue from sales and services – a growth in profit of 22.06 percent over the same period of 2020.

Mr. Pakorn Jiemskultip, Chief Technology Officer of Bluebik Group Plc., said Bluebik saw an opportunity in the changes in the digital age and the economic volatility situation, resulting in many organizations speeding up the adaptation by employing innovations and IT technology to switch the mode of operation to digital to support the goal to increase the capabilities and speed up growth under the intense competition. Thus, the Company is moving ahead to attract experts and talents from renowned companies in our determination to drive the business and reinforce strength, such as management consultants, technology consultants and project managers. Bluebik will also focus on individual skills training and working system development to support the market demand in the innovative design and technological solution.

At the same time, the Company explores the opportunity for new businesses through the cooperation with partners in various industrial groups in order to increase the competitive advantage and to build on the long-term business growth. Recently, The Company has initiated the business cooperation with PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR) to establish a joint venture company under the name Orbit Digital Company Limited (ORBIT) to offer innovation and technology capability to elevate digital experience for customers.

Mr. Payupat Mahabhol, Managing Director for Investment Banking, Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Company Limited, as financial advisor, said that the progress in listing Bluebik Group Public Company Limited in the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) following the filing of the application to offer shares for sale and the prospectus at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering (IPO) of 25 million shares, representing 25.00 percent of the total issued and paid-up ordinary shares after the IPO. Currently, the SEC has counted day 1 on the Filing which will lead to the final approval of the IPO. Once the filing is approved, the date for subscription of the IPO will be settled, which expected to be within the end of this year.

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