News & Activities 11 March 2022

Bluebik debuts ERP Maximization on SAP to meet demand for super-standard services

Bluebik debuts ERP Maximization on SAP to meet demand for super-standard services, the latest proof of its incomparable end-to-end digital transformation expertise. proving its end-to-end digital transformation consulting

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited (BBIK), after acquiring an 80% shareholding in GMVPI Company Limited which is an experienced SAP consultancy in February, has officially launched its SAP consulting. For the new services, BBIK emphasizes ERP Maximization which focuses on the design and development of SAP-based programs through Advanced Business Application Programming to ensure the most convenient and highest efficient use of SAP for clients. BBIK also unveils “LISMA (LINE as SAP Mobile Application)” which links SAP and LINE to bring SAP up-to-date and make it easy to use. With the service upgrade, BBIK is targeting the medium-size and large-scale organizations that already use SAP.

Mr. Pochara Arayakarnkul, Chief Executive Officer of Bluebik Public Company Limited, said the acquisition of GMVPI Company Limited was aimed at strengthening BBIK’s services to meet all demand from clients. BBIK envisions the sustainable growth of both companies because the newly launched SAP services reinforce BBIK’s services for present and future clients and support the long-term growth of GMVPI. In 2022, BBIK expects to generate at least 15 million baht in revenue from SAP-related services.

“At present, the most organizations that use SAP have not maximized the application of the system. The advantageous ERP Maximization which BBIK delivers will boost the efficiency of clients’ organizations. Besides, LISMA that GMVPI has developed for SAP access via LINE lets clients use SAP more securely and conveniently because most people are familiar with the LINE application. Therefore, BBIK is confident that ERP Maximization and LISMA will definitely provide clients with competitive edge,” Mr. Pochara said.

Mr. Warat Laithong, Managing Director and Founder of GMVPI Company Limited, said many business organizations used SAP but were unable to achieve the highest efficiency in its application. They considerably waste money and lose business opportunities probably because they choose consultancies with insufficient knowledge, expertise, and experiences in SAP. Meanwhile, large-scale organizations are hurriedly improving and upgrading their SAP systems to the new version, S/4 HANA, and need the highly experienced consultancies that can guarantee the full use of their systems. Therefore, GMVPI sees opportunities to help the business organizations to make the maximum use of their existing SAP systems. GMVPI’s consulting focuses on the three following areas.

1. Performance Tuning – This covers consulting and solutions for the SAP systems that run slowly because previous program developers violated software development principles and the systems cannot handle increasing data. Performance Tuning emphasizes consulting and repairing problematic programs so that efficient systems are restored.

2. Enhancement & Reengineering – The service is aimed at boosting efficiency in SAP application. It covers analysis and recommendations for greater efficiency. It focuses on the development of additional programs for SAP users to facilitate operations and reduce operating errors.

3. Problem Investigation – It is intended to detect the causes of technical errors or problems on SAP systems that previous developers made. It focuses on identifying the root causes of problems and complete and sustainable solutions.

Unlike other service providers, GMVPI develops additional customized programs on SAP to improve its efficiency for users without any impacts on the operating system and standard control of SAP.

SAP-related services cover four areas – 1. SAP Business Process Flow Design (the design of the business process flows that suit SAP), 2. SAP Customization and Enhancement (the analysis of clients’ needs and the development of relevant programs), 3. SAP Support and Maintenance (the close maintenance of clients’ software and hardware), and 4. SAP Training (training on SAP and SAP-based program development for system administrators to enable clients to initially solve SAP-related problems by themselves).

“Apart from the loss of money and business opportunities that results from the consultancies that lack knowledge and expertise in SAP, the company has also found that many organizations need tailor-made features that are unavailable with the standard package of SAP. The design and development of tailor-made features require knowledge and expertise in Advanced Business Application Programming on SAP. There are a very few consultancies that truly have the expertise. Therefore, ERP Maximization which is our strength can also meet the demand of the clients that want above-standard SAP-based services,” Mr. Warat said.

For five years, GMVPI has been trusted by more than 10 leading automotive and retail organizations in the country because of its outstanding services. The company has teams of the consultants who have at least a decade long of experiences in SAP, the highly experienced programmers who have proven records of work in and outside the country and developed complicated programs on SAP and the system designers who are knowledgeable about both business and programming and are capable of designing the systems that have full efficiency, are compatible with SAP, have no impacts on SAP warranties and importantly ensure easy use and efficient operations for clients.

“After this acquisition, we plan to recruit at least 20 specialists to support our growth. Now we have teams of the SAP-related consultants and experts who are endorsed by SAP Thailand and whose number is very small in the country. This shows that our teams are able to provide clients with the services that are above standards and beyond their expectation,” Mr. Warat concluded.