Case Studies 23 September 2021

IT Assessment to Check IT Health

Client Industry : A Vending Machine Supplier

Bluebik Role : Assessing IT readiness and potential that will support the business of the client in the future.

Situation : Technology is a very important factor in the efficiency and success of a business organization and generates profits which strengthen confidence among investors and customers. This client of Bluebik plans to improve its technological capabilities to serve its business strategies and demand. Therefore, it is essential to urgently assess the potential of the client and formulate a plan for the client to create a stable IT system and develop its technology so that it can grow with a competitive edge.

Solution : A team of Bluebik spent 4 months studying, understanding and assessing the present IT potential and technology of the client and designing IT strategies (IT Assessment & Transformation Roadmap). The team also liaised between the IT and business departments of the client and talked with its operating employees and executives to study its problems. The Bluebik team assessed readiness and made IT recommendations in the 3 following areas.

  1. People – assessing staff’s knowledge, understanding and readiness for technological changes and the technological vision of the management.
  2. Process – studying present working procedures and operational issues.
  3. Technology – assessing technological readiness regarding infrastructures, the process of data collection, applications and systems within the organization.

Result : Bluebik made and delivered the IT Roadmap which responds to the business strategies of the client. Plans in the roadmap were organized so that the client can implement them quickly. Besides, Bluebik helped the client study and create the organizational chart of its IT staff and relevant positions to provide the latter with clear and proper directions for its technological operation and management.