Our people’s stories 30 October 2020

2-month Internship at Bluebik

Hi all!! I am Putter a third-year Commerce student at the University of British Columbia. Surrounded by strong determination and passion driven students at the university, I was encouraged to do internship over the summer break. Realizing that having internship experiences would enhance my skills and build me strong resume, I therefore conducted tons of research and had several coffee chats with seniors regarding what kind of internship or job I should land in, both internationally and locally in Bangkok. Eventually, I discovered that a business consultant is one of the jobs I would like to do and found that Bluebik was hiring a business consultant intern.

How did you start at Bluebik?

After applying to countless numbers of firms, Bluebik was one of the few places that called me to have an interview. The interview consisted of three parts: background experiences, business case interview, and culture-fit questions. At the last part of the interview, I asked what project I would be working on and in what part of the project I would be working on. The answer was surprising to me; they are open and allow me to work on areas that I would like to have a hand-on experience. In other words, Bluebik provides me opportunities to have real life experiences and tasks that I am interested in.

What were your internship responsibilities?

At the first two weeks, not only was I given tasks like conducting research and writing slides, but also joined meeting with the team which I can created contributions and shared opinions. It was a good start since it portrays me how life as a business consultant looks like. Then, I had a discuss with a senior regarding my life in Bluebik at the rest of the internship period. I told him I would like to work on a project that I can apply and learn financial skills, and fortunately they currently have a long-term project requiring a financial model in order to calculate key figures. Therefore, I was assigned to work on the project, and as previously mentioned, my major task was to conduct feasibility model. Since I had little experiences in this, the senior devoted their times and teach me how to do so. 

Did the internship provide you with any insights/ useful?

As time passed by, my hard skills were enhanced. Nonetheless, there were times that seniors were unavailable to ask for advice, and I had to finish the financial model before having a meeting with clients. Time was running while I had a struggle to overcome. Overwhelmed by deadline, pressures and stresses in my head, I hardly did the work, yet still finished it. I realized that this is how the real life work is as well as found that working does not require only strong hard skills but also soft skills like stress management, for example.

Did the internship meet your expectation?

I believe many interns share the same concern I have, to be able to fit in the culture or not. People at Bluebik were very nice to me. I was warmly welcomed by them and could fit the culture pretty well. They were always happy to help me whenever they were available. They were good advisors to talk about job challenges and career path. I have gained so much more insights talking about their past experiences in business careers.

2020_10_27_internship article-01.png

Over the past two months, there were so many valuable and memorable moments that I have experienced: being through difficult challenges, learning different sets of skills, as well as building connections with other interns and seniors. Still, there are many things I would like to discover, and two months are definitely not enough for the internship.

To all the others who are looking for an internship program to land on. Do not hesitate to apply to Bluebik. There are definitely things for you to learn, and it will be one of the greatest moment in your life!