Blogs 14 November 2023

Diving Into the Business Analyst Role With “Cream Nitikarn,” A People Person & Challenge Seeker

🙋All aspiring Business Analysts, raise your hands! 

Today, “Cream Nitikarn” is here to share her journey. How did she transform from a computer engineering student who didn’t like to sit in front of a computer all day to a Senior Business Analyst who acts as “the interpreter between the business and the technical worlds” and enjoys tackling challenges every day, let’s find out. 

💻Less Computer Screens. More People.

“I studied computer engineering, and while my classmates enjoyed coding, I didn’t like it at all. I didn’t want to spend my days staring at a computer screen. I wanted to interact with people, but I still had an interest in working in the IT sector. So, I did some research and discovered the role of a business analyst.

“It’s crucial for a business analyst to have expertise in both the business and technical domains. In simple terms, a business analyst acts as the interpreter between the business and technical worlds. The job is challenging, as we have to devise solutions for clients’ requirements. Every day is unique, and I get to interact with people, which aligns well with my career needs.”

🧑‍💻A Busy But Fun Day In the Life of a Business Analyst

“The scope of a business analyst’s work can be divided into two main phases. The first phase involves requirement gathering, during which we analyze the requirements and devise solutions that align with the client’s business needs. In this phase, we may collaborate with the technical team or conduct research. Then we present the solution to the client. 

“The second phase occurs after the client confirms the solution. During this phase, the business analyst creates reports for the client, such as the BRD (Business Requirement Document). Following this, we hand over the work to the technical team, which includes developers and the QA team. We must provide detailed explanations of the solutions to ensure their successful implementation. Throughout this period, we offer support to both the client team and the technical team, assisting with any questions and addressing issues as they arise.”

🤝Who Do Business Analyst Work With?

“In these two phases, the business analyst works with many stakeholders from different teams, including:

〰Product Owner – Clients or users who communicate their pain points and needs.

〰 Project Manager & Project Management Office – Project Managers oversee the overall scope of work and timelines, and the PMO supports the PM’s work, such as following up with vendors.

〰 Business Analyst – We don’t work alone; our team of business analysts collaborates to analyze, review the work, and provide mutual consultation, allowing us to work in greater detail.

〰Solution Analyst – Once the solution is confirmed, we hand it over to the solution architect, who designs the technical solution. If anything is unfeasible, they inform us, and we may need to adjust the solution to make it technically viable.

〰UX UI Designer – They design the applications or websites according to the client’s needs.

〰Delivery Team – Front-end and back-end developers implement the solution, while quality assurance testers ensure that our finished product aligns with the requirements.”

💙You Are Challenged, But Always Supported at Bluebik

“I have been working as a business analyst for 3 years. I like receiving the requirements and devising answers or solutions. The job is challenging, fun, and I learn something new every day.”

“Working as a business analyst at Bluebik is highly challenging, but I always receive support from my team. For instance, there was a technical aspect I wasn’t familiar with, and the developer team organized a knowledge-sharing session specifically for me to explain how it works. It’s the best working environment.”

Lastly, if anyone wants to become a business analyst and work alongside Cream at Bluebik, learn more details here bit.ly/46Zm4kK and apply right away!