Hall of Fame 7 November 2022

Make your business easier with LISMA
Best Innovative Company

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited received the Best Innovative Company Award for developing the innovative LISMA (LINE as SAP Mobile Application) which connects SAP to the LINE application and allows SAP users to access SAP via LINE conveniently, swiftly and safely in accordance with the security standard of LINE Thailand and be free of any inconvenience and complication that they might experience in the past.

8 Keys make your business easier with LISMA

1) It ends complicated and duplicated logins with one-time registration.

2) Its push notifications keep users from missing important tasks such as purchase order approval, daily reports and reminders about employees’ assignments. This increases effectiveness every day.

3) SAP can be used seamlessly via LINE interfaces. For example, users can approve documents via LINE right away and approval information will be sent to SAP in real time.

4) The costs of system development and maintenance are reduced because LISMA uses the LINE app which is free of usage fees and server costs. Besides, it does not require any update on the iOS and Android operating systems of mobile phones.

5) Data from SAP are automatically obtained to create the dashboards that are beautiful and easy to understand. Work is accelerated and human errors are out of question in the process of data collection.

6) Prioritizing secure use, LISMA therefore operates on the highly stable, secure and generally accepted LINE platform.

7) Costs and times for the training of users are saved because LINE is widely used and users are already familiar with it.

8) LISMA really supports the sustainable development of organizations known as ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) by allowing organizations to reduce their paper use. Work on LISMA is digital and can be checked at all stages because data and documents are stored in the system and cannot be edited.

Those who are interested in LISMA can seek more information or demonstrations free of charge via the phone number 02-636-7011 and email address: [email protected].