Our people’s stories 3 January 2020

Life as a Consultant Intern at Bluebik

After graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Wissarut Samutpanich (Pup) could eventually have a career choice that was the best fit for him, a consultant. So, he decided to join a 2-month internship at Bluebik where he learned what working in the field of a consultant was really like before he actually works in it. 

What were your internship responsibilities?

Researching, analyzing, brainstorming ideas, and making recommendations.

Was your academic background helpful during your internship?

Since I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I believed that the academic background was a good foundation to what I faced during my internship. The most useful lesson was the tuition, case studies, and research skills.

Did the internship provide you with any insights/ useful?

The interaction and meetings with those with experiences were extremely insightful. Being a fresh university graduate, I was able to take a lot from them, both work-related and non-related lessons. I also believed that the insights gained on the process of a consulting project like the industry that I was working will be useful in the future.

Has this internship helped define your future goals?

It gave me insights on the life of a consultant, and has ensured me that consulting is the field I want to start off my professional career in.

Did the internship meet your expectation?

Yes, I have learned a lot. I was able to take on a lot more responsibilities that I had expected. In addition, I was able to contribute with meaningful works, and I believed that I also built strong relationships with a lot of people here in such a little time.

Now, when I have looked back since I first started, many small experiences, all together, make this internship memorable. 

First, the environment here fostered growth—when I first started off, everyone in the team was patient with me, and was extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Once I felt like I was ready to work more autonomously, I was given the opportunities to, as well as the help needed to succeed. Again, I continuously received constructive feedback and insights that I was able to build on and learn from.

Second, I felt like I was a part of the team. I was able to contribute in a role that I believed no ordinary internships would allow me to. I was able to express my ideas, and I saw how my input created value and contributed to the end-products.

The part that I’ll miss the most is the people here. From my first day, everyone was consistently welcoming, supportive, and understanding. I felt at home in only a few weeks’ time due to the fun atmosphere. Moreover, I was able to build relationships with people here, which made coming to work even more enjoyable.