Our people’s stories 24 August 2023

The Bluebik Internship Experience: 7 Interns Shared Invaluable Insights and Lessons

Choosing where to do your internship can be as defining a moment in your life as selecting a faculty or university. It is a place where you can apply your knowledge, explore your capabilities, and acquire invaluable experiences. 

If you are a university student with aspirations to work in the management consulting or information technology sectors, we want to introduce you to the insights from our 2023 interns. What did they gain from their time at Bluebik? Let’s find out!

The chance to try something new

Name: Gift

Faculty & University: Computer Science, Missouri State University

Internship Position: Data Scientist, Advanced Insights (AI)

Cleaning and analyzing data

“During my internship as a data scientist, I was assigned the task of analyzing a dataset to find insights. For instance, I had to determine which promotions were suitable for different customer types and which ones could potentially increase sales more effectively.

“The challenge came with the dataset being unstructured and sometimes incomplete. In my usual classwork, we were given structured data, so this internship allowed me to gain experience in cleaning and organizing data, which was something I’d never done before. Thankfully, the senior team members guided me through the process.”   

Approachability and open-mindedness

“I’m really impressed with how open-minded the senior team members were. They listened to my ideas and provided valuable feedback on the methods I proposed. I also found them to be very approachable. On the orientation day, they treated me to lunch, and I had a great conversation with one of the team members, who happened to be the director of the AI team. He was super friendly.”

Work from anywhere, party almost every Friday

Name: Captain

Faculty & University: Computer Engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

Internship Position: Cloud Engineer, Advanced Insights (AI)

Hands-on from start to finish 

“I had the opportunity to work on an AI project that laid the foundation for cloud engineering and data engineering in future projects. I felt fortunate to pitch my own idea and work on it hands-on from start to finish. The senior team members listened to my ideas and provided helpful advice to enhance my work.” 

Advice from the senior team members

“The senior team members were attentive, always checking in on me with questions like, “How are you? Is the workload overwhelming? Tell me if you need anything.” Whenever I had questions or got stuck, they offered great advice and solutions. They also imparted a mindset to tackle challenges at work, something I couldn’t have learned elsewhere; it came from direct experience.”

Flexible time & work from anywhere

“I liked the “working from anywhere” policy as it allowed me to work from any location, and I didn’t have to go to the office every day. This flexibility helped me manage my time better. I also appreciated the company providing free meals almost every Friday; it was a great way to relax and reduce work stress.”

Pivot into a dream career path 

Name: Toffy

Faculty & University: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

Internship Position: Cybersecurity Consultant, Cybersecurity (CYB)

Like a professional 

“I was tasked with working on the penetration testing toolkit. In the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to conduct a retest on a real client project that had previously undergone a penetration test. The objective was to verify whether the client had applied the necessary patches based on our report.”

A chance to learn 

“As an engineering student with a focus on robotics & AI, delving into cybersecurity was a whole new world for me. Being the first intern in the CYB team added to the pressure, and I was concerned about my performance. However, the senior team members were kind and understanding. They patiently listened to my questions and explained everything in great detail. They even shared helpful articles for me to read, which made me grasp the assigned tasks better. All of this combined helped me complete my tasks successfully.”

Advice on future career path

“What impressed me the most during my time here was the senior team members. Initially, I felt a bit intimidated by their reserved demeanor. However, I soon realized they were incredibly kind and always willing to share their knowledge with me. They provided valuable advice on the scope of work, career paths, and my future prospects. Besides, they often treated me to meals and drinks.”

Behind the scenes of consulting & technology

Name: Boom

Faculty & University: Information and Communication Engineering (ICE), Chulalongkorn University

Internship Position: Business Analyst, Digital Excellence & Delivery (DX)

Structuring your thoughts and communicating them clearly

“As a business analyst intern, my role involved gathering requirements from clients, documenting them, and effectively communicating them to the developer team. The challenge was to write clear and easy-to-understand requirements, especially when dealing with complex features. Achieving clarity demanded well-structured thoughts and carefully chosen words, and these were precisely the skills I honed during this internship.”  

The combination of consulting & technology

“Interning at Bluebik allowed me to witness the behind-the-scenes of both consulting and technology, from helping clients brainstorm ideas to enhance their products to developing the technology to bring those ideas to life, including applications and more.”

Getting more done with the hybrid work model

“The working style at Bluebik was flexible, thanks to our hybrid working model. We utilized technology as a communication tool between the team and clients, resulting in increased productivity and reduced energy loss on multiple occasions. I really appreciated this working style as it allowed me to manage my own time while still delivering high-quality work.”  

The value of work-life balance

Name: Mameaw

Faculty & University: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Chulalongkorn University

Internship Position: Front-End Engineer, Digital Excellence & Delivery (DX)

Learning the ropes

“My work involved UI and verifying the logic in a client’s project. For the UI part, it required more than just good design; I also needed to ensure correct functionality and user response. As for the logic part, it involved checking and testing my problem-solving abilities. Personally, I had never written a mobile application before, but the senior team members provided me with the opportunity and guided me throughout the process.”

Developing hard skills & soft skills

“This internship offered me the chance to develop not only the technical skills crucial for my career but also valuable soft skills, such as time management, effective communication, and teamwork. Moreover, I had the opportunity to explore new facets of myself. I gained a deeper understanding of my potential and interests, allowing me to plan for future educational and professional pursuits.”

Great work-life balance 

“One of the most valuable lessons I learned from interning at Bluebik is the importance of work-life balance. While some may perceive work as time-consuming and draining, the hybrid work model at Bluebik provided me with the flexibility to manage my own time effectively. Additionally, the Friday activities, which included parties and workshops, helped me unwind and destress, leading to increased efficiency in my work.”

A dream job & the chance to improve every day

Name: Aom

Faculty & University: Commerce and Accountancy, Thammasat University

Internship Position: Management Consultant, Management Consulting (MC)

Having full ownership 

“I assisted in preparing an investment strategy deck for a client, and the senior team members encouraged me to think and present my own ideas. I had to analyze the reasons for the client’s investment, industry opportunities, and potential returns. Daily debrief sessions with the senior team helped me identify overlooked aspects. They were always supportive, providing guidance and suggesting ways for future improvement. It was a rare opportunity to have full ownership in my work like this.”

Steep learning curve 

“I enjoyed the scope of work in this position, where I played the role of a doctor, identifying the root cause for patients or clients, and then proposing solutions. This process led to a steep learning curve for me. Even after interning for just a few months, I felt like I learned more than I would in a whole year of sitting in lectures at the university.”

Ways to improve 

“During my internship, I developed all the essential skills needed for a management consultant. The senior team members provided constructive feedback, highlighting areas where I needed more improvement, such as analytical, presentation, and communication skills. It was eye-opening as I hadn’t realized these areas of growth before their suggestions. This guidance helped me focus on my self-development more precisely. Moreover, I discovered that this is my dream job because it offers the chance to improve myself every day.” 

Even more involved & immersed

Name: Gorn

Faculty & University: Marketing, Mahidol University International College

Internship Position: Project Management Consultant, Strategic PMO (PMO)

Just like a full-time employee

“The senior team members offered me the chance to learn and work almost like a full-time employee, though with a bit less responsibility as an intern. My work scope included requesting data from clients and resolving issues that could deviate from the original plan. The challenge was managing all of it, so I sought guidance from the senior team, who provided valuable support.”

Prioritization in practice

“I was delighted to find myself even more involved in the work than I initially expected. I gained a deeper understanding of the day-to-day tasks of a project management consultant. I learned how they handle problems that arise, ensure smooth project progress, stick to timelines, and prioritize tasks effectively. It was a real challenge, but the learning experience was tremendous.”

Talk to anyone in the flat organization model

“I appreciated Bluebik’s flat organization, where you can easily communicate with anyone in any position. The senior team members were incredibly friendly and always answered my questions. The people at Bluebik have a passion for continuous learning and taking risks, which creates a conducive environment for rapid learning.”

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