Our people’s stories 7 September 2023

Reasons Why Tech Talents Returned to Bluebik

Despite many people wanting to break into the tech industry, the shortage of tech talent remains a major issue. According to the report, Future of Work: The Global Talent Crunch, the Asia-Pacific region is projected to have 4.7 million unfilled job positions by 2030.

Thus, tech talents are greatly sought after, holding the power to pick the company that aligns best with their needs – be it challenging projects, future career prospects, or organizational cultures that resonate with their values and lifestyles.

Today, we invite you to hear from three remarkable tech talents of our Digital Excellence & Delivery team. They left us once in search of self-discovery and new paths, but now they’ve chosen to return home to Bluebik. Let’s see why individuals with so many choices believe that Bluebik is the tech company that best serves their needs.

Neem, Lead Business Analyst

Give It A Try

“Previously, I worked as a senior business analyst at Bluebik for a little over two years. Then, I received a job offer to join an in-house data quality team, so I decided to give it a try. However, I realized that the scope of work wasn’t as I had anticipated. Additionally, dealing with data felt quite routine and didn’t align well with my preferences.”

Work That Makes You Happy

I prefer working as a business analyst because it calls for analytical skills. I can analyze clients’ requirements and suggest solutions. There’s always something new to consider, so it never feels routine. I know that this job is more in line with my preferences. You just sense it when you work, and it makes you happy.”

At Ease With A Great Team 

“When I contemplated changing jobs, I reached out to a friend I had worked with at Bluebik. That made me think about the team members I had connected well with previously. I also considered my bosses, Top (Pongkhun Bunyatnoparat) and Pong (Pakorn Jiemskultip), who had been supportive and helpful whenever I faced challenges. So, I concluded that returning to Bluebik would bring me a sense of comfort.

“I appreciate the mutual support within the team. We don’t solely focus on our individual tasks; we also consider the work of our teammates. We don’t draw a boundary indicating ‘this isn’t in my job description,’ so we’re always open to thoughts and discussions. Moreover, our team operates in harmony. We maintain alignment and keep each other informed about everything.

Enjoying Life Every Day

“Before this, I’ve worked with a couple of tech companies. Each had its own distinct vibe, but I felt the most comfortable at Bluebik. To me, Bluebik is neither too big nor too small. The company is also becoming more and more outstanding, and steadily expanding.

“There’s no generation gap here. In my team, we discuss anything and everything – work and fun alike. Life here is far from stressful. We’re always having fun and hanging out together. I enjoy my life here every day.”

Win, Lead Back-End Engineer

Go Or You’ll Never Know  

“After graduating, I spent about 2 years as a back-end engineer at Bluebik. Yet, I was curious about the work processes of other companies and also interested in experiencing in-house product development. So, I left Bluebik to explore these aspects within a larger organization. This journey led me to realize that I prefer working at Bluebik. I enjoy learning and adjusting to clients’ requirements, which offers an excellent means to challenge myself.

Incredible Career Growth 

“I’m back at Bluebik as a lead back-end engineer. Certain things remain the same, like implementing assigned features from SAs or BAs. Yet, I now handle more responsibilities. I oversee the team’s workflow, incorporating insights from my experiences elsewhere to enhance processes. I also mentor team members in fostering a positive work attitude. Client communication has also become a part of my role.”

Room For Improvement 

“From my point of view, Bluebik is just the right size – not too big, not too small. It’s expanding, allowing me to explore new areas. On the other hand, in larger organizations with strict processes, I’d be limited to following instructions without room for experimentation or improvement.”

Open and Receptive

“I appreciate that my colleagues at Bluebik are open and receptive. When problems surface, we can always discuss them, even if they aren’t directly in our job descriptions. We don’t just say, ‘That’s not my job. I’ll only do my own tasks.’ Honestly, we all compete to take on tasks willingly. There’s no arguing over whether it’s someone’s job or not.”

Saint, Lead Solution Architect

The More Diverse, The More You Learn 

“The first time around, I worked at Bluebik for over three years. My final role was Senior Back-End Engineer. Bluebik operates as a consultant for other companies, so I was curious to experience working for companies that develop their own products – what’s common and what’s different. However, after spending time at another company, I realized I prefer Bluebik’s approach more. The diversity of products you get to work on here leads to increased learning.”

Stepping Up

“I’m now working as a lead solutions architect, a role that involves both project discovery and delivery. I design the project’s overall structure before we start – things like connecting with third-party, system components, implementation plans, testing procedures, and delivery methods. Constantly expanding and acquiring knowledge is key. This role is definitely a step up from my previous one.”

Not Just Anywhere 

“Not all companies have a solutions architect; usually, it’s the bigger ones. I was fortunate that Bluebik opened up this role because when I was considering changing jobs, I was already looking to grow and take on more responsibilities than a typical back-end engineer would have. That’s why I’m back here at Bluebik.”

Back and Better 

“I value the lack of a rigid hierarchy at Bluebik. Job titles are mainly for the organizational chart, but there’s no need to climb up the ladder to talk to anyone. You can easily interact with the C-levels anytime right in the office. I often run into Pong in the restroom. We always laugh about it.

“As for benefits, they’re increasing day by day. When I first started, we didn’t have as many, but now we have plenty of employee discounts and activities. The benefits have only gotten better.”

As you can see, there are multiple reasons why tech talents who have already elevated their skills choose to come back to Bluebik. It could be the fulfilling scope of work, the challenges posed by each project, the potential for career growth, the inclusive organizational culture without generation gaps, and the comprehensive benefits we offer to ensure the well-being of our employees.

If you’re interested in joining the Bluebik family, explore our open positions here: https://bluebik.com/career. We’re eager to welcome you!